by Nadia Laws They say history repeats itself. Well, the same is true for fashion. RG Mags asked three style conscious women to weigh in on their inspirations from eras gone by and what the future of fashion could bring. As a child, Rochelle Minors would lay on her parents’ bed watching Italian runway shows
A LOOK BACK ON WHERE THE TRAVEL AND TOURISM INDUSTRY HAS BEEN – AND WHERE IT’S GOING… by Nadia Laws Then The Honourable Renee Webb J.P. FIRST FEMALE MINISTER OF TOURISM When you think back 20 years ago, what was the overall sentiment around the Island’s tourism industry? I became Minister of Tourism following the
Ian HIND Spectacular events - that put Bermuda on display in all her glory have been happening more and more frequently in recent years. RG Magazine took a look back at some of the exciting community and sporting events to grace our shores over the past 20 years, highlighting the Island’s beauty, local talent, skill
When was the last time you looked up a fact in the encyclopaedia, cashed a cheque at the bank or sent a letter across the ocean to a friend or relative just to tell them your news? Was it before the year 2000? The evolution of technology over the last 20 years has totally transformed