Top Ten Employers

#7 Lancashire Insurance Company Limited

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Lancashire Insurance Company wins a place in the Top Ten Employers for the third time. The company says its values — leadership, aspirational, nimble, collaborative and straightforward — are “an intrinsic expression of who we are”.

The Class of 2005 insurer and reinsurer has a hard-earned reputation as an excellent employer, with the generosity of benefits highlighted by many staff.

As one employee notes: “Staff are only charged 3 per cent for payroll tax, health insurance is paid in full for our spouse/ children, all staff are eligible for the share scheme, bonuses have been paid in all years (even heavy cat loss years) to recognise the efforts of staff.”

Additional perks include 26 weeks of paid maternity leave and the use of an in-house gym, as well as a $1,200 annual wellness allowance to reimburse employees for an external gym, spa or other club membership. In addition, Lancashire rewards employees who participate in its wellness programme with extra time off.

Employees appreciate the company going the extra mile to give them benefits that stack up well against industry peers. One employee said: “We have numerous incentives that help to keep us motivated… We have a work-hard, play-hard environment which makes it easy to come into work daily.”

Another theme was the feeling that staff are listened to, a characteristic that adds to team spirit at Lancashire. One staff member said: “There is a team feel, people work together to get things done and this creates energy and a good buzz around the office. Management are team players, roll their sleeves up and make themselves available to all staff.”

Lancashire and its employees engage in charitable activities regularly, holding events such as silent auctions, bake sales, monthly parking raffles and donations to raise funds that can then be matched by the Lancashire Foundation.

Some of the recipients of its direct donations are The Family Centre, HOME, Tomorrow’s Voices, Action on Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and the Adult Education School. Lancashire is also a sponsor of Knowledge Quest, a programme that provides scholarships to allow capable young Bermudians of limited financial means to go to college.


“Outstanding support last year when I lost a parent when the repeated response from work was ‘take whatever time you need’.”

“Clarity of direction, heavy emphasis on teamwork that is demonstrated by senior executives and throughout company.”

“Lancashire’s culture is very positive. The company promotes a work/life balance and allows employees to grow and learn within the company.”

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