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#6 Frontier Financial Services Limited

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With this year’s success, Frontier Financial Services has featured in the Top Ten Employers for five successive years. Having placed No.1 in its 2018 debut, the professional-services firm has bolstered its reputation as an excellent employer in each year since.

Through consulting arrangements and secondments, Frontier provides recruitment, payroll, business consulting and immigration services.

While the 33 per cent turnover rate seems startlingly high for a excellent employer, there is good reason for that — 80 per cent of those who left Frontier last year joined one of the company’s clients. One of the attractions of working for Frontier is that it acts as a career springboard.

Frontier’s mission is “to be the employer of choice for top talent to advance their careers with a diverse team of professionals providing exceptional service and solutions to our clients in Bermuda”.

As one employee explains: “They provide a great avenue for career upliftment and consider this to be their role in the economy. They do not expect long-term employees, but this is just an aspect of the business model, rather than some negative, underlying issue.”

Young people seemed to be attracted to Frontier, with half of the 70-strong staff aged 35 and under.

The company strives to help locals, in particular, find career opportunities. One employee said: “We strive to get Bermudians ‘back to work’. We offer incentives/discounts for employers to hire Bermudians.”

Underscoring their commitment to the island is the Frontier Scholarship, which offers $15,000 per year of educational support to a Bermudian student studying accounting for up to three years. With a new scholarship recipient each year, Frontier this year is funding three students for the first time.

Several employees praise the company for its positive responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, during which it offered discounts to clients to hire Bermudians, which helped several locals land jobs.

All Frontier staff are eligible for staff referral bonuses and additional pay for exceeding chargeable hours targets. Benefits include full healthcare coverage and 13 weeks’ maternity leave.

Frontier is an active supporter of charities, through donations, volunteering, providing pro bono or discounted services, and sitting on boards.


“Management listens to the employee’s needs — professionalism in all dealings, good communication.”

“Previously worked in Big 4 accounting firm — Frontier has better work-life balance, pay and overall culture.”

“Frontier takes immense care in growing and developing people professionally.”

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