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How to get ready for carnival like a pro
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Carnival season in Bermuda has officially kicked off! It’s time for maximum revelry, parties and looking oh so glamorous. Whether you’re new to the carnival scene or an old pro, there’s one thing to keep in mind – you must prepare effectively to have a great time!

Veteran carnival lover Global Carnivalist has been playing mas since she was a child and almost a decade ago, turned her experience into a blog to help fellow carnival lovers have the best experiences. On her blog, Globey, her nickname from her followers, shares the best tips, tricks and strategies to a seamless carnival experience.

We asked her for her best tips to getting ready for Carnival in Bermuda like a pro.

What’s your top tip for someone doing carnival for the first time?

Go with an open mind and work on your stamina. The road is long and hot and you are going to meet a lot of dynamic personalities and people.

What are your must haves for getting ready?

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen – the sun exposure is no joke. Additionally, a really good high performance primer and makeup foundation so I stay looking great for most of the day

How soon should revellers start getting ready for the road?

if we’re talking about fitness, in general, about four months. If we’re talking about makeup and getting dressed, it usually takes me about three hours from start to finish to do my makeup, oil my body, apply sunscreen and get my costume on. So give yourself at least two hours.

Any tips for the last minute Lucy’s?

Try to be as prepared as possible for any costume mishaps, like if you got your costume late and it might not necessarily be your size order swimwear in a similar hue to wear in case there are sizing issues.

What are your three to five must haves for the road

A battery pack for my phone, lipstick, a mini perfume, to refresh, sunscreen and makeup blotter sheets or a makeup brush.

Are there any getting ready strategies that should be obvious but maybe aren’t?

If you wear fishnet stockings, put on socks first then stockings. This will prevent your toes from going through the net and will be more comfortable, also use gel insoles to protect your feet. I would also recommend going a half size up in sneakers/flat boots to give your toes room.

Additionally, always carry a needle and thread that matches the color of your costume in case you need to make any adjustments

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