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Healthyish Hydrating Summer Cocktails

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Enjoy being outside this summer without throwing your healthy lifestyle into wack! Instead of drinking tasteless low cal drinks or throwing the diet out the window with sugary mixed drinks, try our healthyish, hydrating cocktails this summer.

You want to go out and have a good time but you don’t want to drink your calories. Beer can make you full quickly and mixed drinks can be 250 calories each. Wine tends to be a better choice but it can be high in sugar. This time of year, nothing is worse than too many sugary drinks in the hot sun.

Not sure what to drink? I’ve been there and have practically mastered healthyish cocktails because I truly do not want to drink my calories. I’ve got you covered with three healthyish, hydrating cocktails to sip at a bar, on a boat and everything in between. They are all easy to prepare and only require a handful of ingredients, most of which you probably have at home.


  • 4oz flavoured vodka (Grey Goose Essence is a great option)
  • 2oz fruit juice of choice
  • 10 oz sparkling water (you can also add a splash of sprite or ginger beer if you prefer sweeter cocktails)
  • Garnish of choice (fresh mint, lime slices, strawberry slices, etc)
  1. Fill a wine glass with ice.
  2. Top with vodka and fruit juice
  3. Top with sparkling water and mix.
  4. Add your garnish and enjoy

This is my go-to cocktail for the summer because it’s very low in calories and I can pretty much drink them for hours (Cup Match anyone?). I always have the ingredients on hand to quickly whip one up.


  • 1 bottle dry rosé (or sweet if you prefer)
  • 2 peaches sliced
  • 1 cup sliced strawberries
  • 2 tablespoons sugar (optional)
  • 1 bottle sparkling water or sparkling wine

1. Mix the fruit, rosé and sugar together in a pitcher and let chill in the fridge for one hour

2. Filla wine glass with ice and add wine and fruit mixture.

3. Top with sparkling wine or sparkling water and enjoy.

Sangria is a fave of mine and this recipe is easy to whip together and lighter than normal sangria, especially if you cut it with sparkling water.

*Inspired by Damn Delicious


  • 4 cups of watermelon, cubed and chilled
  • Juice of one lime
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar (if your watermelon isn’t super sweet)
  • One bottle prosecco or champagne

1. Blend together the watermelon, lime juice and sugar

2. Strain mixture through fine sieve

3. Add watermelon juice to champagne flutes (halfway or one third), top with bubbly and enjoy.

This is a fun take on mimosa! And because they come together quickly, you’ll be sipping these in no time with your friends.

*Inspired by

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