Hurricane Survival

Your Donations Matter

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by Vejay STEEDE

Hurricane season can be a busy time for helping services. With so many organizations offering shelter, nutrition and care services during the best of times, it’s only natural that hurricane season brings a more intense need for support. 

While most local charitable organizations don’t always solicit donations, the added urgency of a coming storm makes unsolicited donations that much more appreciated. Organizations like the Salvation Army, Bermuda Red Cross, St. John’s Ambulance and Meals on Wheels are always happy to receive support from the general public, as every little bit helps to serve the members of our society who depend on those organizations. 

Of course, a hurricane is a natural disaster and the Bermuda Red Cross plays a large role in preparing the community for hurricane season through First Aid, CPR and AED classes, medical rentals and psychosocial first aid training. The Bermuda Red Cross welcomes donations through their Thrift Shop, which is located at ‘Charleswood,’ 9 Berry Road, Paget. Donations are gratefully accepted on days the thrift shop is open. Items are also donated to needy clients of non-profits, churches and Mid Atlantic Wellness Institute. Donations can be made online at as well. 

St. John’s Ambulance offers similar services. They operate as a registered Bermuda charity and they rely upon volunteer support and donations from the community to operate. 

Donations help the organization continue their work in the community, from attending hundreds of events island-wide each year to teaching valuable lifesaving skills to providing PPE to protect volunteers against Covid-19. Go to http:// for full details on how to donate to St. John’s Ambulance Bermuda. 

The Salvation Army operates an actual shelter for our less fortunate citizens, which speaks to a clear need for community support during hurricane season. A Bermuda-based registered charity, the Salvation Army provides services and programs to restore dignity and hope in the lives of those in times of need in the community. Serving some 600 meals per week and providing shelter for vulnerable women and men who are homeless, the Salvation Army is a more than worthy organization to support during hurricane season and beyond. Donations can be in the form of groceries for the hungry through one of their three island-wide food banks or through monetary means via The-Salvation-Army-Donations/. 

Finally, Meals on Wheels is a service dedicated to getting nutrition to Bermudians who may otherwise struggle to feed themselves. It is a necessary service and becomes quite essential during times of crisis, which the aftermath of a hurricane can very quickly become in Bermuda. 

Funded primarily by contributions from individuals and corporations, Meals on Wheels also receives an annual government grant and participates in various fundraising activities throughout the year. In addition to monetary contributions, many in the community donate food, both non-perishables and fresh produce. Others donate needed goods and services. The generosity and concern shown by all donors is greatly appreciated and has enabled Meals on Wheels to deliver meals at no charge to recipients since the start of the COVID-19 crisis.” For full details on how to donate to Meals on Wheels, go to: 

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