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No Tree, No Problem

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By Robyn Bardgett 

What will Christmas be without a tree to decorate? Luckily, there are plenty of wonderful ways to bring in the spirit of Christmas without a tree 

Concerns have been raised that there may be a shortage of Christmas trees this year due to a number of different factors. The pandemic, of course, which has created issues with supply and shipping. And, for a country where the majority celebrate Christmas, this may come as a disappointment to many. But there’s no need to let the lack of the iconic tree dampen the festivities. 

“We are blessed to be surrounded by so much hardy, structural vegetation that lends itself to being painted,” suggested Barbara Finsness, owner of The Island Shop, and the artist behind the iconic Bermuda scenes painted on a variety of home goods, including a selection of tastefully decorated holiday designs. 

“It’s amazing what a can of gold spray paint can achieve toward achieving a holiday aesthetic,” she said. “Chinese palm leaf, which can be found almost anywhere, sago palm, spice leaves and their berries; all would last the season with a spray of paint. Add some small white lights and a Thymes Fir candle and the room is transformed.” 

We also have many traditions, which lend themselves to being easily added as part of our holiday rituals, including buying a cedar tree to plant. While this is more traditionally known to be done by couples on their wedding day as a symbol of love, there’s no reason this can’t be incorporated into a fun holiday activity, with the tree then being decorated over the seasons. 

A tree can also be ‘created’ out of all of the ornaments that have been collected over the years. Instead of hanging them from a tree, select a few favourites and fix them to either a corkboard or large piece of poster board in the shape of a tree – making sure to include the star or angel on top. To pull the whole look together, string lights along the rows of ornaments. Depending on the size of the board, it can either be hung or placed against a wall with gifts stacked underneath. 

Of course, while a tree – whether real or fake – is often the centrepiece of our holiday get-togethers, there are plenty of other ways to decorate our homes to keep the holiday spirit alive. 

“Setting a festive table is also a meaningful ritual,” said Mrs Finsness. “Laying down a red, gold or silver runner and placemats and placing a few Christmas ornaments near a flower centrepiece immediately uplifts a space.” 

“One can never have enough tea lights either, and I saved all my glass yogurt jars to repurpose in this regard,” she added. 

Many local florists and artists also create beautiful wreaths that can be decorated in reds, golds, silvers or blues to add holiday cheer. Wreaths don’t have to be relegated to a front door, but can also be brought inside to hang over a mantle-piece or a mirror. 

Also, nothing can compare to the smell of a seasonal candle or oil infuser with woodsy, mint or spicy cinnamon scents to create the finishing touch to a joyful home this holiday season. 

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