Bermuda sees a surge in new arrivals

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The business lifestyle traveler – the new face of tourism on our shores

Covid has forever changed the nature of travel and so many service providers here locally and internationally have been negatively impacted. However, Bermuda has somehow managed to navigate through the travel storm and has adapted, almost organically, to attract a new breed of tourist – that of the business lifestyle traveler.

In an interview recently as he takes on the reigns at the BTA, Charles Jeffers asked the question: Bermuda – who are we as a destination? What’s our story? As evidenced over the past twelve months, the answer to this is that we are an amazingly resilient island, capable of adapting during adverse conditions, and emerging stronger with a new facet to our destination offering.

The international business sector, and the Class of 2020 reinsurance start-ups, has undoubtedly provided the backbone to this new development, but there are other factors that have led to this new dawn. The Government’s handling of the Covid pandemic in 2020 was firm and focused which enabled Bermuda to then attract a cohort of the world’s elite who were looking for a safe, low Covid-risk destination. This coupled with the launch of the One Year Residential Certificate, attracted elite travelers in a deliberate and meaningful way, for the first time. The resultant effect was a boom for property owners, realtors and Corporate Concierge, the island’s leading relocation and destination services company, as Digital Nomads, new property owners, new start-ups, and a re-energised re/insurance sector all had relocation needs.

What began as a new trend in the latter half of 2020 has continued apace in 2021. The island is poised to continue attracting this new kind of visitor – the venture capitalist, the asset manager, the hedge fund manager, the private family office. All want to live the dream life in Bermuda and, crucially for the island’s ongoing growth, many want to set up operations here. Their impact on the economy is enormous.

More serious about conducting their ongoing global business than they are about their down time, this new type of visitor wants to be surrounded by the island’s natural beauty, they want to be able to move about freely and they want to be able to enjoy the best of what the island has to offer by way of goods and services.
They also want to transition their life rapidly and seamlessly to Bermuda.

Undertaking an international move requires serious consideration as it impacts one’s social, personal and professional life. Having someone who can guide you through this exciting life-changing event, makes a huge difference in your enjoyment of the process! Having someone share their insights on moving to Bermuda, how to plan for an international relocation and why Bermuda is such a great destination is so vital to a positive experience.

Just recently Corporate Concierge worked with Jonathan, Ruth and their three children who moved from New York to Bermuda. They were availing of Bermuda’s newly launched One Year Residential Certificate which enables people to work remotely from Bermuda. Not having been to the island before, this was a huge leap of faith for them. We were delighted to introduce them to a new golf club and to enroll their children in sailing lessons. The announcement of the SailGP event was the icing on the cake for them and highlighted to us how important international events are in providing high calibre entertainment for both residents and visitors. Ruth was a little anxious initially about making new friends but after attending our January Concierge Circle social event – a coffee morning hosted en plein air to which we invited our recently relocated clients and digital nomads, it wasn’t long before she settled in!

If you are like our current clients Dave and Jemma, who have made the decision to purchase property in Bermuda, you will benefit from access to our bespoke relocation portal. It is a beautifully designed, user-friendly platform that guides you through relocation and streamlines your home set-up process. It serves as a bank of extensive, easily accessible, up to date accurate information about Bermuda. Dave’s comment on using it was that it cut through all the misleading information on the web and gave him just what he needed to get their home and lifestyle set up with ease.

Although small at just 21 square miles, Bermuda is full of complexity. Navigating the shipping process, guiding you through the property market, supporting you with school enrollment and pet importation, and sharing over a decade’s worth of information and insight, is the very special nature of what we do. Given Bermuda’s unique environment and location, getting the sequence wrong can be costly, in time and money. With our support, right from the start, you will have peace of mind knowing that your transition to Bermuda is supported by a team of experts.

Ours is a white glove service tailored to your needs, and is enjoyed by those who wish to benefit from our established connections across all sectors of Bermuda. Our team of dedicated relocation and concierge professionals brings not just an informed and experienced approach, but an enthusiastic love for Bermuda and a genuine desire for you to experience the best of what Bermuda has to offer. Reach out today to start your Bermuda journey with us at Corporate Concierge.

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