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Planet Math

Question 1:

? = 31

The swirl slime is = 5

The purple glitter = 6

Question 2:

GlueBaking sodaContact SolutionFood coloringGlitter
1 oz Slime1 ounce 0.25 tsp0.25 tbs0.5 drops0.5 tbs
Multiply by 2020 ounces5 tsp5 tbs10 drops10 tbs
2 oz Slime2 ounces0.5 tsp0.5 tbs1 drop1 tbs
Multiply by 4080 ounces20 tsp20 tbs40 drops40 tbs
Add totals from 1 oz Slime and 2 oz slime100 ounces of glue25 tsp25 tbs50 drops50 tbs


Question 3: Answers will vary

Whale Trivia






Bonus question

Can you count how many times you see Reggie & Royalty?

Answer: 7

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