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There is no quick fix for a chronic illness

But understanding the cause helps, says homeopath
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For anyone suffering from a chronic illness, Melanie Dupres has an effective, albeit complex, solution: find your balance.

Although likely to disappoint anyone looking for a quick fix, she believes that it’s the best approach as it is only when the mind, body and spirit are off-kilter that we experience “disease”.

“It is important to understand what caused the imbalance in the first place to actually cure the disease,” said Ms Dupres, a homeopath who works under the title Healing Essentials MD to help people to restore their health.

“The causes can be genetics, long-term stress, generational trauma, environmental toxins, poor nutrition or mental angst; and it is usually a combination of these factors that contributes to chronic disease.”

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes a chronic illness as any condition that lasts longer than a year and requires ongoing medical attention or limits activities that are part of daily living, or both.

Examples of chronic disease include cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety or depression and heart disease.

While conventional medicine typically offers pharmaceuticals, surgeries and physical therapy as treatment, complementary and alternative therapies focus on identifying and treating the root cause through natural approaches.

What people often fail to consider is that humans are basically energy and that we each have our own particular rhythm – and that it keeps shifting.

“We are energetic beings and vibrate at a certain frequency, which is constantly changing. When we vibrate at a high frequency we flow easily through life. The lower we vibrate, the more likely energies are to get trapped within us leading us down a path of illness,” Ms Dupres said.

“Emotions are the energetic currency that runs between the mind (thoughts), and the body (physical being). If the emotions are not moving freely then they can get stuck in the body and cause ‘dis-ease’. The longer this goes on the more likely the body is to create symptoms and when they are loud enough they get labelled as a diagnosis.”

Homeopaths do a careful cross check before recommending the way forward to patients: levels of nutrition and hydration, mental state, quality of sleep, harmony in relationships and levels of stress are all considered. Changes are then made in the areas necessary as well as applying remedies from nature to facilitate healing. True healing is not about simply suppressing the symptoms shown.

“For people that want a quick fix rather than a holistic approach, this is not for you,” Ms Dupres said. “There has to be a level of commitment to regaining health from chronic disease because pills are not going to fix anything. The body heals itself when given the correct tools to do so.”

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