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Exploring the Timeless Appeal of Bermuda’s Top Fashion Retailers
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“Where’d you snag that look?” In Bermuda’s fashion scene, Calypso, 27th Century Boutique, and Shannon’s Mens’ Clothing are icons.

For many of us, they’ve been the hero at the end of a desperate search for an outfit for Cup Match, Bermuda Day, cocktail parties and any number of special occasions.

Calypso, a cornerstone of Bermuda’s fashion landscape, started in 1957 as a designer-led venture. Today, it’s a curated selection of eclectic brands.

Exclusivity is key – limited buying ensures that patrons won’t encounter the same outfit at a social gathering. Eileen Fisher, Gretchen Scott, Krazy Larry, Joh, Clara Sunwoo and Match Point are among the brands that grace the racks, reflecting Calypso’s commitment to diversity and style.

The Front Street store claims that its swimwear selection is second to none on the island. It caters to all ages and styles – from trendy bikinis by Seafolly, to timeless classics from Jantzen and La Blanca.

However, Maritza Sequeros, the company’s general manager, says the real key to its staying power is listening to customer feedback, and staying attuned to evolving trends. Classic, rather than trendy, is the goal.

“We’re eclectic, we’re fun, we’re innovative, we buy different vendors that no one has in Bermuda, because we always demand exclusivity,” she said. “Women don’t want to dress the same. They don’t want to go to a cocktail party and have somebody wearing the same outfit. So we do limited buying on everything that we purchase.”

Family-operated 27th Century Boutique offers a range of designer brands for men and women. The Reid Street store was founded by Kirk Bartram more than 40 years ago. Sharon Bartram now leads the business. Her “excellent eye for style” has made it home to “a fantastic selection of designer suits, pants, dress shirts, khakis, polo shirts, and more for men, as well as dress pants, dresses, skirts, sparkly tanks, purses, shoes, jewellery, and more for women.”

Joseph Ribkoff, Jude Connally, Lynn Ritchie and Orly are on a long list of brands that keep customers coming back.

Shannon’s Boutique is often described as “the ultimate destination” for gentlemen because of its curated selection of stylish apparel and footwear.

On offer is a wide assortment of mens’ clothing and accessories. An added plus: the sale and rental of Italian designer suits along with earrings, cufflinks, and other accessories.

The store has been a staple of mens’ fashion in Bermuda for over 40 years. From its inception in 1982 its founders, Keith and Candice Trott, have strived to give the best in customer service and affordable menswear.

“Through the years, there have been challenging days, and changing trends, but the business’s success and longevity have been hinged on a few major things. These things range from our hard work on days when hard work seems almost impossible, our commitment to stellar customer service, our understanding of the need for affordability for the average grass roots customer, and last but never least, the continued support of our customers who have, beyond a shadow of a doubt, become our tribe,” the couple stated.

“At Shannon’s Boutique we take pride in our ability to stay in touch with our customer base and meet them on their level. This has been one of the main reasons for our sustainability. We are proud to say that we have been an important part of the Bermuda small business community for over 40 years, and we are looking forward to another 40.”

Calypso: https://www.hornburgcalypso.com/

45 Front Street, Hamilton


27th Century Boutique: https://www.27thcenturyboutique.com

94 Reid Street, Hamilton


Shannon’s: @shannons_bda; [email protected]

22 Windsor Place, Queen Street, Hamilton


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