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Sober Summer Sips

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There’s no need to stick with lacklustre, run-of-the-mill soft drinks if you don’t drink alcohol. With so many delicious alternatives on the market, it’s easy to create innovative mocktails at home.

The uptick in people choosing to abstain from alcohol has meant a proliferation of ingredients to craft mocktails that draw inspiration from their liquor-based counterparts.

Providing an alternative drinking experience for friends when hosting an event or just to enjoy something that feels special to drink even throughout the week to limit the amount of alcohol intake creates a much more inclusive and responsible environment and lessens the social stigma around those who choose not to partake in alcohol.

There are non-alcoholic spirits, wellness supplements, flavoured bitters as well as canned and bottled mocktails, making it even easier to make the choice not to drink.

There are elixirs with added benefits including collagen and adaptogens, that also make your mocktails and drinking experience part of a positive wellness routine.

With summer drinking upon us, taking inspiration from some classic alcoholic cocktails such as the fruit-drenched Sangria can be easily replicated without alcohol and make upscaling for a party fairly simple and can be made with ingredients many probably already have on hand.

Select a variety of fruit such as mandarins, apples, grapes, plums and nectarines and brew 8 to 10 bags of a favourite flavoured tea in a large pitcher or jug for at least 2 hours or overnight. Serve in white wine glasses, making sure to add some of the fruit in each glass and top with sparkling water.

The below cocktails were inspired by some of the innovative ingredients designed to enhance non-alcoholic drink options that are perfect for serving as a signature cocktail at your next get-together.


AURA Liquid Marine Collagen is formulated with wild-caught marine collagen to help support joints and rejuvenate skin, hair and nails. This Coconut Lime Mocktail with a subtly sweet summery flavour is a great way to enjoy a delicious drink that feels like drinking alcohol but with health and beauty benefits to boot.

  • 1 tsp lime juice
  • Fresh mint
  • Maple syrup
  • 2 tsp AURA Coconut Collagen (Available from Tuck Shop)
  • Coconut milk

Add all ingredients to a shaker over ice. Strain into a rock glass and top with soda and a slice of lime.


Adding fruit to a mocktail adds luxury and flavour to non-alcoholic drinks. TÖST are all-natural sparkling alcohol-free beverages. The Rosé variety is infused with white tea, ginger and elderberry which pairs beautifully with fresh raspberries.

  • Approximately 4-5 fresh or frozen raspberries per glass
  • 1 bottle TÖST non-alcoholic rosé (Available from Miles)
  • Aha Raspberry + Acai Sparkling Water

Add raspberries to the bottom of a champagne glass and muddle gently. Add TÖST Rosé about halfway up the glass, then top with the sparkling water.

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