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Training to become an architect is rewarding but intensive. The Stanley G. Kennedy Architectural Award helps get promising young architects over the line.
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The IBA Stanley G. Kennedy Architectural Award is an $8000 bursary awarded annually to a Bermudian student who is studying architecture in an accredited architecture programme. Applicants need not have been educated in Bermuda for any period of time, and there is no age restriction for successful candidates.

The purpose of this award is to encourage more Bermudians to enter the field of architecture. Representing the Institute of Bermuda Architects (IBA), chartered architect, Tika Gilbert discussed why architecture can be a great career choice for Bermudian students:

“Architecture can be a fulfilling and rewarding career choice for those with creative problem-solving skills. It is a complex and challenging career that caters to a wide range of interests, and provides both space to carve a niche of specialty interest, and flexibility to be involved in different aspects of the design process from day to day.”

On the topic of job availability on island for young Bermudian architects, Ms Gilbert stated:

“A high proportion of work available in Bermuda is for renovation of existing buildings, however there are also new construction projects. Although job demand does vary, there are job opportunities available in Bermuda. Presently, there is a high demand for trained architectural technologists.”

Expounding on the IBA’s signature annual scholarship offering, Ms Gilbert affirmed:

“The Stanley G. Kennedy Architectural Award or SGK, is an annual award for $8,000. The award is open to Bermudian applicants who have completed a minimum of 1 year in a programme leading to an accredited degree in architecture. The selection committee reviews applicants on the basis of financial need, academic merit and quality of work in their design portfolio.”

The award is granted to students who have maintained a strong 3.0 grade point average through at least 1 year in an accredited programme. As stated on bermudascholarships.com, preference will be given to candidates who have demonstrated financial need, have been actively involved in the Institute of Bermuda Architects Student Membership and, or have engaged with the local architecture industry.

The IBA scholarship was renamed in 2004, in honour of Stanley G. Kennedy, an architect who devoted much of his life to advancing educational and professional standards in the architectural profession both in Bermuda as well as Jamaica.

The training to become an architect is quite intensive, so this award could go a long way toward getting a promising young architect over the line. Ms Gilbert outlined the journey:

“Although the training requirements vary between jurisdictions, the basic components of becoming a registered architect are:

“Education. This is a professional degree which can be obtained through an accredited architectural programme in the United States, Canada or United Kingdom. Typically, a Master of Architecture, or 5-year Bachelor of Architecture, in the United States and a sequence of 3 parts in the United Kingdom, which is prescribed by the Architects Registration Board and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). RIBA Part 1 (BA Honours Degree, RIBA Part 2 Master’s Degree and RIBA Part 3 Professional Practice Architecture.”

The next steps after academic qualifications have been met are:

“Gain a set number of hours of practical work experience under the direct supervision of a licensed professional,” and finally, “pass licensure examinations.”

Once all the paperwork is sorted, greatness awaits – but time will tell:

“Time is what it takes to become a great architect. The learning extends well beyond the classroom and we encourage students to travel and learn while they do. This helps to build a collective sense of cultural and sustainable awareness – in fact it never stops. Every project is a chance to hone your skills and also adapt to new and changing technologies. Architecture becomes not just a career but a way of life as the changing world around you is constantly forcing you to grow and learn even more about the impact of the built environment.”

Applications for the SGK Award will be accepted between April 12 and June 30 2023. Scholarship criteria and application forms can be found on the IBA website, under the ‘Students’ tab – http://www.iba.bm/students.html. The award is granted at the discretion of the Education Committee, as appointed by the Council of the IBA.

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