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Relief by a Thousand Needles

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Once we reach 50 years on this earth, our bodies demand more of us. More movement, more maintenance, and more focus on nutrition; lest we succumb to the ever-increasing ailments associated with the wear and tear of having lived for half a century.

Acupuncture is a very effective way of meeting the many demands of an aging body. According to top local practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and licensed acupuncturist at Coha Health, Sifu Dr. Reginald Cann:

“Generally speaking, by the time a person reaches their fifties, they are more likely to have had some kind of injury (leading to aches and pains), weight gain, sleeping issues, increased levels of stress, and, perhaps, have elevated cholesterol, or blood pressure. Acupuncture can help to increase blood flow and move stuck blood … from old and new injuries, and regulate one’s metabolism and digestion, which, in turn, helps with weight management.

“Moreover, Acupuncture can calm down the nervous system, which will help reduce stress and improve sleep patterns. Lastly, due to its ability to increase blood circulation, and move blood, it can be very helpful for cholesterol, and help to balance blood pressure.”

Ms. Emma Pearson, another local practitioner of TCM asserts that:

“Acupuncture, when used regularly, can assist in maintaining good health by keeping the immune system robust and maintaining a healthy emotional state. Although acupuncture can, and should, be used to prevent ill-health, it is also very effective when the body is already afflicted by illness, pain, or a change in emotional state.

“As the body ages, many people will notice a shift in their body and health; examples might include: noticing the need to be more mindful, or slower with movements to avoid injury; for women, a hormonal shift into menopause. These changes are natural, but can cause physical discomfort, and also an element of emotional adjustment too – this is where acupuncture treatments really prove to be very effective as both mind, and body, is considered. The aim of treatment is to make these natural transitions of age, smoother.”

The transitions are what make growing older so very difficult to deal with at times. The day we wake up and find that those things that were once effortless for us have become more labored and decidedly effort-laden is not a pleasant day at all. Those days happen more and more frequently once that half century hits the scoreboard!

Aging brings discomfort, but acupuncture can help! Ms. Pearson expounds:

“The most common conditions that I see, and treat, in my clinic, which can be attributed to age, are aches and pains often related to osteoarthritis, uncomfortable perimenopausal symptoms, insomnia, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression. The goal of treatment for some of these conditions (like osteoarthritis) is to manage pain and slow progression. For other conditions, acupuncture has shown to be an exceptional treatment option to resolve the problem.”

Chronic pain is something that a lot of Bermudians live with every day, and it doesn’t go away with time. Prescription medications are often used to keep chronic pain at bay, but acupuncture can help alleviate it too.

“Acupuncture is absolutely a viable alternative to prescription medications when it comes to chronic pain, and should be seriously considered as a treatment option; particularly if you are finding a need for long-term use of opioids, which we know pose medical and addiction risks. Many clients report acupuncture being as good – and often more effective – for chronic pain relief, as prescription medications.”

Ms. Pearson advises 50-somethings to stay active, give yourself permission to slow down and make adjustments to reduce stress, and incorporate practices and therapies to assist you in maintaining good health rather than waiting until your health declines to seek help.

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