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Cancer Survivor Nina shares her Healing Vibes with Others

Helping people appreciate life again
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At age 51, two weeks before Nina London was set to walk down the aisle, she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. It was a moment that changed the course of her life forever.

“My whole life was split into two parts in one second,” Ms London said. “I was excited to start a new life. When I was diagnosed with this awful news, it was the scariest experience I’d ever had and the most devastating.”

Ms London – who has now been married to Bill Rosser for six years – underwent an operation, five rounds of chemotherapy and two months of radiation therapy during seven months of constant treatment.

She was cancer free but also very scared.

“Before my diagnosis, I was a happy, healthy, positive and energetic person,” said the former business coach and consultant.

“But after treatment, I lost my energy and I had to rebuild my health. Everything I’d gone through was hard on my body and mind.”

Ms London decided it was time to make a change and went to Thailand, where she began studying Qi Gong, meditation, breathing and even laughing therapy.

“That experience changed my life,” she said. “I grew into a different person. It was like an awakening.”

She began to appreciate life again and to see each day as a precious gift. She regained her energy and lost those feelings of stress that had been holding her down. Over time, Ms London regained her strength and became determined to use her new passion and knowledge to help others.

In November 2020, Ms London began offering a series of classes to women cancer patients, survivors and their caregivers, called Healing Vibes.

She worked together with PALS Cancer Care in Bermuda, which strives to improve the lives of people living with cancer and their families.

PALS executive director, Colleen English DeGrilla, supported all Ms London’s initiatives to improve and help cancer patients and survivors.

The Healing Vibes programme was the first of its kind to be offered to assist patients and families dealing with cancer, better enjoy life and learn coping skills to improve their quality of life.

Classes have been very successful. So far, Ms London has helped more than 60 women feel rejuvenated, supported, more optimistic and hopeful about their future.

She says the combination of Qi Gong movements, deep breathing, meditation and laughing yoga works wonders. She even made sure to offer her classes during the pandemic when it was perhaps most needed. Sessions took place virtually or outdoors at beaches and with masks.

“I wanted to help women go through this most difficult time in their life when they are scared and hopeless and have no strength,” Ms London said.

“It’s amazing to see how my classes are really working. People breathe, relax, laugh, stretch and learn many different ways to deal with negative emotions, low energy, anxiety and stress.”

Healing Vibes runs in the Botanical Gardens next to Masterworks Museum every Saturday from 10am to 11am. Classes include Calming the Waters (breathing), Laughing Vibes (laughing yoga), Movement for Healing (Qi Gong movement, breathing and meditation) and Ocean of Energy (Qi Gong movement). Her Under the Red Umbrella support group meets right after, from 11am to noon.

It’s a safe place for participants to support and motivate each other.

An additional class, New and Beautiful Me, sponsored by Headway Hair and Body, will help women look their best even when they feel their worst.

Ms London swam two kilometres in the ocean to help raise money for this class. Together with PALS she raised $5,000 to help women feel more confident.

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