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The pharmacy and beyond

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by Robin Bardgett
We’ve rounded up pharmacies across the island to take a look at how they have become more than just a place to fill a prescription.

Caesar’s Pharmacy: 30 Somerset Road, Somerset Village
The West End pharmacy is constantly looking for ways to innovate and provide more services for patients. In 2018, the pharmacy began providing mini-clinics, and holds the “Flu Express” initiative through the Department of Health. Caesar’s also holds an annual health fair each year with a different theme. “The next Health Fair’s focus will be on caring for the elderly, which we specialise ourselves at Caesar’s,” says Krzysztof Puciaty, the pharmacy’s manager. The pharmacy also offers blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring, asthma consultations and healthy lifestyle advice.

Par-La-Ville Pharmacy: 2 Church Street, City of Hamilton
The main focus at Par-La-Ville Pharmacy is providing special orders for patients. “Living on an island often means there’s not enough demand to source a medication locally,” says owner and pharmacist Kiran Shah. With multiple suppliers in North America and Europe, medicine can be sourced and arrive quickly on island. The pharmacy also provides other services outside of dispensing medicine including smoking cessation clinics, inhaler techniques as well as selling a range of home testing for cholesterol levels, STDs and drug testing kits.

People’s Pharmacy ACW: 7 Point Finger Road,
Paget  & People’s Pharmacy: 62 Victoria Street, City of Hamilton
The pharmacists at People’s are patient-centred and provide a holistic service to care for their customers. They are particularly keen to ensure that patients leave the pharmacy or the hospital with a thorough understanding of how to use the medicine prescribed.  The pharmacy is currently doing a trial run to begin dispensing prescriptions throughout the wards at the hospital. “Medicine would be brought to the patient by a registered pharmacist that will counsel with patients,” says lead pharmacist Colin Ryan. With no break between leaving the hospital and getting a prescription filled, patients leave with a thorough understanding of the medication and have higher chances of compliance. As the pharmacy in the Acute Care Wing of the hospital, one of the major advantages is being opened for extended hours throughout the week and only being closed on Christmas Day.

Robertson’s Drug Store: 24 York Street, St. George’s
Along with providing prescriptions, the St. George’s drug store also provides blood pressure monitoring, provision of weekly blister pack or dosette service, and offers discounts to those without insurance. One of the most important roles that a pharmacist plays for patients is reviewing medications, says Robertson’s pharmacy manager David Ugwouzor. “Pharmacists at Robertson’s are trained to look for contraindications, interactions and errors written on a prescription. We educate patients on proper medication use and advise of potential side effects.”  To help save on insurance costs and costs to the patient, the pharmacists look for acceptable alternatives that can often cut costs to patients, by recommending generic brands or checking with the doctor for a suitable alternative that may cost less.

This article was originally posted in the 2020 edition of the RG Mags Health & Wellness magazine. 

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