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Three health treatments you might not have heard of, but should…
 by Sarah White

With close to 7 billion humans on the planet, there should be 7 billion diets. The same goes for lifestyle recommendations, too. Our genetics, environmental exposures, emotions, stress, sleep and lifestyle impact our wellbeing, and from that perspective, no two individuals should truly follow the same guidelines. Enter holistic and functional medicine – where tech enhances holistic treatments to provide personalised and preventative health solutions. Here are three health practices you may not have heard of, but which could result in huge benefits…

1. Gastrointestinal + Stool analysis

Ocean Rock Wellness
The old saying of  “you are what you eat” is outdated. Now we go with “you aren’t what you eat, but what you absorb and therefore assimilate”. The GI effect stool analysis is a three-day comprehensive stool test that provides actionable results in four main areas: your microbiome health, digestive function, presence of infections and intestinal inflammation. Each of these areas has a profound effect on our present health and from a disease prevention perspective. The health of our microbiome influences our immune system, nutrient absorption and even neurotransmitter synthesis (happy hormones!). With autoimmunity, food allergies and digestive conditions on the rise, the results of this test allow a personalised approach to supporting the GI tract and microbiome. As Dr Ayesha Peets Talbot, Medical Director at Ocean Rock Wellness always tells her patients, “our gut health is the foundation of health, and this test allows for a look under the hood”.

2. Nutrigenomics Testing

Natural Ltd.
Similar to 23andMe (if you’ve heard of it!), Nutrigenomics uses the science of DNA (from saliva) to offer recommendations on how, based on which gene variant we possess, our body handles (thrives on or becomes a risk factor) different dietary substances such as caffeine, sodium, carbohydrates, gluten, B vitamins. It is a preventative measure; data that can inform eating for your genetic makeup based on 40 biomarkers. Nutrigenomics is a great option for anyone looking to optimise their sports performance, have a family history of high blood pressure or diabetes, or believe gluten to be a problem (even if they’ve tested negative for an allergy or celiac disease!).

3. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Ashlan Clinic
A lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle massage that encourages the circulation of lymph fluid towards lymph nodes – a technique that supports the body’s natural detoxification process. The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory and immune system. It is responsible for clearing waste by-products through filtration systems (lymph nodes) and back into the bloodstream. During the filtration process, particles are presented to immune cells where they are tagged as friend or foe (antigen!) and an immune response will follow. If the immune system tags it as an antigen, the body will create an antibody to attack it.
Unlike the cardiovascular system that relies on the heart to pump blood around the body, the lymphatic system relies on breathing, movement and muscle to propel fluid through filtration. A lymphatic drainage massage is perfect for post-exercise recovery, times of low immunity and for those who may have limited mobility and muscle use. It is a therapeutic treatment but can also support optimal wellbeing as part of a proactive and preventative approach.
This article was originally posted in 2020 edition of RG Mags Health and Wellness.

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