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Fashion Guidelines for the game

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Tips from a Bermuda Fashion Blogger  

by Shantia Seymour 

As cups of Swizzle are poured, team rivalry brews and ‘Jam Bermuda’ plays over the loudspeaker, every Bermudian knows what time of year it is. Cup Match is easily one of the Island’s favourite holidays – bringing people of all stripes together to celebrate our traditions and culture. Locals make it their duty, as with every big event on the social calendar, to showcase their own unique style. It doesn’t matter if you’re from St. George’s or Somerset, Bermudians know what it means to dress to impress.

Cup Match is the best time to have fun with fashion and explore more creative styles – from prints to bright colours that are easy to match with just about anything. Elevate your wardrobe with daring must-haves, statement pieces and timeless staples. As summertime is host to so many exciting events, dressing the part is a crucial component of the experience. 

There is no doubt that although Cup Match is one holiday comprised of two days of fun, each day is different. The first day, Emancipation Day, kicks off the cricket game and is the time most people have summer parties, beach or boat days. This is the perfect occasion to have a relaxed afternoon out with your family and friends – a casual look would do just fine.

The second day, Somers Day, is the day everyone heads to the field to watch the game and of course, show off their outfits. The amount of prints and colours that fill one place is unmatched. Although each day has two different vibes, the energy remains the same. Here are some tips for you when deciding what to wear for the two-day festivities: 

Shop Local: 

You’re a Bermudian, going to a Bermudian event to take part in Bermudian traditions, so why not buy from a Bermudian? Not only do you get a bespoke outfit, but you can also take pride in the fact you’ve supported a fellow native. There’s no better way to spread joy in a community, especially during the holidays, then to invest in your own. 

Summer Aesthetics:

Be expressive when selecting your event attire. Now, I’m not telling you to arrive completely decked out in your team colours, although that certainly works for some. Try, instead, to embrace the island vibes around you through fashion. Everything in Bermuda, from architecture to nature, has a way of influencing a certain feeling. Experiment with pastels, earth tones and even mixed prints. 

Comfort is Key:  

Making your way around the field through endless camps and thousands of people can be a challenge. When deciding on your outfit for the day, keep it simple. Wear shoes that are comfortable and which you are prepared to walk around in all day. The sun has no mercy, so do choose breathable clothing that can withstand the rays. 

There is no doubt that although Cup Match is one holiday comprised of two days of fun, each day is different.

This article was originally published in the 2019 edition of the RG Cup Match supplement.

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