Making good resolutions

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Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account. –Oscar Wilde

New Year’s Resolutions. The time-honoured tradition of making grandiose plans with the purest intentions of keeping none of the said plans. How many times have we promised to go to the gym more, become a vegetarian or drink less (yeah right)? How many times have we gone on about all the healthy, wealthy and wise decisions we intend to make for the betterment of self in the upcoming year, only to peter out?

This year I have decided not to not make resolutions that I actually have no intention of keeping. Instead this year, I resolve to:

  • Take fewer pictures… and spend every moment in the actual We spend so much time making sure that the world can see how much fun we are having that we often miss having said fun. I resolve to have more fun this year that’s just for me.
  • Spend more time with deprived children… my own. Life passes us by so quickly, and you get caught up in a world of “get this chore done so I can move onto the next one”. I resolve to just stop sometimes and play with them.
  • Drink more wine… the good kind. Once we get the kids to bed and chores are finally done, my husband and I both are usually too shattered to do much more than grunt at each other. I resolve to let the dishes remain unclean once in a while, sit under the stars and talk like we used to when we were dating.
  • Exercise less… and experience more. We force ourselves to the gym, and we force ourselves to mindless classes (one, two, three, four and again!). I resolve to find ways to keep fit that engage my mind and soul as well as my body. Take the kids for long walks, take them swimming, and play Twister… that’s still a thing, right?
  • Fall out of love… with candy and empty calories. Having spent the last year being pregnant, I also spent the year gorging myself on junk food. I resolve to satisfy my sweet tooth not on containers of icing (yes, I kind of hate myself) but on a few dark chocolate raisins; on more fruit instead of Lion bars.

This year I resolve to keep my resolutions… not by just not making them, but by making ones, that I want to keep, to live my best life.

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