24 hours in Amsterdam…

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with Lene Hypolite

Best way to get lost

Turn off Google Maps. Get on a bike and ride around the city for a day.

Best place to fall in love

Leave Amsterdam. Head to the Amsterdam Centraal and take the 3-hour train ride to Paris.

Best restaurant

Bakers and Roasters at Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat

for Brunch –– homemade baked goods and specialty coffee.

Best spot for shopping

Kalverstraat, right behind Dam Square.

A place off the beaten path

The Bijlmer, and neighborhood in South East Amsterdam where most immigrants and refugees settled in the 1970s.  It’s now turned into a vibrant area with lots of cultures, shops, and restaurants.

Something that reminds you of Bermuda

being surrounded by water, I love sitting by the canals and watching the boats go by.  Also, seeing tourists on my way to work everyday reminds me of walking through front street

The people are…

Great at letting you be completely yourself.

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