70’s Glam Gina

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Photographer – Nhuri Bashir Fashion Cinematographer – Marq Rodriguez Model – Desiree Riley Fashion Stylist – Amie Banerjee Makeup Artist – Hannah Collins Hair Stylist – Traci-Witherbee Amaral

“70’s Glam Gina” is inspired from the fashion in the 1970’s era, where women took risks, were more self-accepting and confident in their choice of outfits.

At the Victualling Yard about to enter Frog & Onion Pub, wearing,

Top, She Rebel Boutique

Pants, Jazzy Boutique,

Jewellery, Touche

Shoes, Jazzy Boutique

This ensemble celebrates a woman’s body, with plunging necklines and thigh-high slits, which showcases the strength and vulnerability of women of that era.

At the Clock Tower Mall wearing,

Dress, She Rebel Boutique

Jacket, Roxy Boutique

Earrings, neckpieces, all

Cuff, She Rebel Boutique

She’s a role model for all the women everywhere.

At the Bermuda National Museum against the mural by Artist Graham Foster, wearing,

Jewellery, Touche

Women loved extravagant outfits like bellbottoms, sequins and metallic dresses, and tropical prints that were flattering for their body type.

At the Frog & Onion Pub wearing,

All, A.S Cooper & Sons

The fashion story of “70’s Glam Gina” revolves around a woman’s visit along the shores of Bermuda. Here you can see moments during her visit –– though mundane, brought to life by what she’s wearing.

At the Segway Yellow Bus wearing,

Jumpsuit, Jazzy Boutique

Earring & Cuff, She Rebel Boutique

Bag Ralph Lauren

Shoes, River Island

“70’s Glam Gina” is inspired by Gina Swainson, Miss Bermuda and Miss Universe, who is the perfect representation for women who are looking back and strutting forward.

At the dock leaving from her Vespa wearing,

Dress & Fur, Jazzy Boutique

Jewellery, Touche

Shoes, Jazzy Boutique

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