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Q&A: Soca vs Reggae presents FUSION

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Soca vs Reggae has decided to rebrand a little this year with the debut of ‘FUSION’. Tell us how this came about and why and what can we expect?  

“Organizers decided to revamp and rebrand the SVR package after 11 years of being a staple event on the Bermuda calendar. This biggest change this year is the concept – SVR is now a fully all-inclusive event, which means all-inclusive music, drinks, food, people and vibes. This style of party is in line with what is being offered at high demand throughout North America and the Caribbean.”

Going into the 12th year of this well-anticipated event, is this change necessary? How have the regular partygoers reacted so far?

“Like most successful brands, there comes a time when changes are necessary to stay in touch with the market. Just as carnival has satisfied the desire of a large segment of Bermuda, so will this trend in the all-inclusive event space. In fact, many of our patrons have requested it in the past, and the response thus far has been phenomenal.”

Artists such as Ding Dong have spoke out about the division between the two genres of music, soca vs reggae saying that in order for Island music to thrive there must be unity. What are your thoughts on this? Will FUSION help to bridge the gap? Will the competition format be back in the future?

“The irony is that Soca vs Reggae in its ‘clash’ format was conceived over 11 years ago by the organizers as a way to bridge the gap between soca and reggae lovers in Bermuda. We can unequivocally state that the mission has been a success. We definitely support the unity in not just soca and reggae, but also in EDM and Afro Beats. Sometimes in highlighting differences we are able to showcase all the similarities that the different music and culture has to offer. After all as far as music genres go they all have eight beats!”

What international & local artists will be performing at the event?

“This year we will focus on International DJs who know how to perform on the big stage. We will have Djs Willy Chin from Miami, Kevin Crown from New York, and all the way from Chile will be DJ Byte, the 2015 Redbull ThreeStyle World Champion. They will be supported by a very experienced and talented local lineup as well.”

As it is now all inclusive, what can partygoers expect from the experience?

“They can expect to enjoy the comfort and convenience that an all-inclusive event provides. Anyone familiar with the SVR brand will know there will be a few surprises in store. One of them will be the food selection which of course will be included, along with the drinks and many giveaways. No need lining up for drink tickets, and there will be multiple food stations available throughout the night. It’s truly a VIP experience all around and as always with SVR real value for money.”

Where can tickets be purchased?

“Regular $100 advance tickets are available now on ptix.bm, Stefanel, Kit n Caboodle and Freshmen in Heron Bay.  Visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @svrbermuda for more information.

This article was originally published in the 2018 edition of the RG Cup Match supplement.

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