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Bermuda Forwarders is merging with BEST Shipping

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by Jonathan Kent

The combination will result in BEST moving into Bermuda Forwarders’ Canal Lane location this year.

In a letter to customers, Nick Kempe, president of Bermuda Forwarders, said the merger would enable the companies “to reduce costs, improve economies of scale and centralise operations and freight collections in one convenient and efficient location”.

Mr Kempe said in a press release: “Bermuda Forwarders Ltd is thankful that after more than 60 years in the business of shipping to Bermuda it has found a trading partner it trusts in BEST Shipping to carry on the good name and established culture of full-service shipping solutions.

“The immediate goal is to consolidate physical operations in Bermuda which will create a centralised distribution hub for faster deliveries and collections.

“All overseas warehouse addresses will be maintained so both Bermuda Forwarders and BEST Shipping clients can rest assured that their freight will continue to arrive in Bermuda exactly as it presently is.”

Joe Vieira, BEST president, will be taking over the management of the combined organisations with Mr Kempe staying on in an advisory capacity through the end of the year to assist with the merger of operations.

Customers will not need to change shipping addresses and will be dealing with the same Bermuda team and overseas partners, Mr Kempe said. However, there will be some changes to banking details that will be communicated to customers in the coming weeks.

“Our merger will add the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Far Eastern, Asia and worldwide specialisation we offer to BEST’s fine North American products such as BEST Direct air express courier, expanding the variety of services available from us,” Mr Kempe said.

This article was originally published on royalgazette.com.

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