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3 Tips to ‘snatch’ away pounds this summer

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Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Centre has helped hundreds of people win their battle with the bulge. In honour of NMAC’s new ‘Get Your Body Snatched’ Weight Loss Campaign Dr. Kyjuan Brown shared a few tips for those looking to get into shape for summer…

Soon after returning to the Island to practice medicine, Dr. Kyjuan Brown began noticing a similar concern among many of his patients: a struggle to lose weight.

The physician decided to take action. He spent time overseas getting certified in medical weight loss techniques, then introduced a new wave of services to his clients at Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Centre (NMAC).

“We’ve seen hundreds of patients come through our doors over the last five years, and even before that when I worked at another medical practice on the island. I’d estimate the number is somewhere between 500 and 800 people who have looked to us to help them lose weight,” he said. “It’s mostly people around middle age in their 40s up to those in their 60s and 70s. They are trying to get their life back together and realise the yo-yo diets and fads aren’t working. They are eating salads all day and exercising and not seeing results.”

NMAC recently launched its ‘Get Your Body Snatched’ weight loss campaign for those looking to shed unwanted pounds and feel more confident in their own skin this summer. Dr. Brown spoke with RG Magazine about the new launch and offered us some suggestions for those trying to look their best in 2018…


A one size fits all approach to weight loss doesn’t work. That’s because everyone’s lifestyle, health history and specific body concerns are unique. NMAC’s Medical Weight Loss Programme has seen clients drop up to 130lbs over the course of a year because it tailors the programme to the individual. “Some people don’t like to cook their own meals, others won’t drink protein shakes or remember to take supplements, so we cater the programme to meet the client’s needs and have found that works best.”


It can feel like a long, hard journey to better health when you do it alone. Hence why having people in your corner who keep you accountable to your health goals and encourage you when you’re feeling low is important. Those who sign up to Dr. Brown’s Medical Weight Loss Programme get specialised one-on-one coaching support, along with private weigh ins, sample meal plans and healthy grocery lists. “Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a big commitment for many people,” Dr. Brown said. “People like to know they’re not on their own in the process, that they will have a physician supervising them, who’s rooting for their success.”


Not everyone needs to lose weight all over – some people have just one or two problem areas where they can’t seem to drop the extra pounds – be it on their stomach, love handles, hips or thighs. In these cases, Dr. Brown recommends his body contouring services like laser slimming, cool sculpting and velashape, just to name a few. Body contouring targets a specific area and destroys excess fat cells. It is often used for those who have already achieved major weight loss; and can help improve the shape and tone of the underlying tissue and remove excess sagging fat and skin.

For more information or to book a consultation at NMAC, visit or call 293-5476.




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