“You Were Made for This” by Michelle Sacks

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3 out of 5 stars


I had a lot of strong emotions reading this book. I was angry a lot of the time, and maybe for some that would warrant only one star. I mean, why would you want to be angry the entire time you’re reading a book? But just like the time I cried the entire time reading “The Light Between Oceans” (which also features moms and babies), I have a huge appetite for highly emotional books. So, if you don’t do well with emotionally charged topics (especially when children are involved), this probably isn’t a great choice. However, while I had some issues with this book, it was definitely an interesting story and particularly an interesting discussion on the perfection mothers either put on themselves or the things they feel like they are being judged on.

Merry and Sam live the perfect domesticated life in Sweden. They have a baby son named Conor, and Merry spends her days caring for her son and baking pies while her husband heads out to find work – you know the life all moms wish for (insert snarky face). But while the first scenes unfold like the gorgeous Swedish tableau of an Ikea commercial, it becomes clear that there are issues under the surface. When Merry’s childhood friend visits, the cracks start to show and the twisted nature of these people’s relationships is exposed.

There were a few holes in the story and I didn’t always feel like all of the details are fully fleshed out, particularly with the backstory. But along with controversial mothering choices, cheating husbands and backstabbing best friends, there’s all kinds of drama mixed in to this story. If you’re looking for a book that will create a lot of debate for your next book club or you’re like me and you have a tendency to throw your book across the room, this is the book for you.


“You Were made for This” will be published on June 19, 2018 and will be available for purchase at the Bermuda Bookstore.




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