Tuesday, December 7th 1976

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Happy greetings were everywhere that Christmas. Hamilton was bathed in tinsel and lights as my mom took all of us to town for Christmas shopping. Mego toys were becoming the phenomenon amongst kids as I searched the Annex Store for Batman, Aquaman and Spider-Man wondering which one would be a favorite of mine for Christmas. Dee liked the Osmonds while Paul was a bike fanatic — remember Chopper bikes? Good things were happening on tv too with the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman reaching incredible ratings as Steve Austin was doing his own version of Scrooge in a “Bionic Christmas carol.”

What a blast from the past.
In the news

Four hundred sandy’s residents and two opposition MPs have won their 12 month fight to keep a bridge on the scenic Somerset right of way at Harmony Bay. An investigation is underway into the collision between a police boat, Blue Heron and the Paget ferry Geirgia and A Canadian  serviceman William Pearson, who was saved from drowning near Grotto Bay,was in satisfactory condition at the King Edward Hospital.

In the U.K. punk rock band, The Sex Pistols appear in Bill Grundy’s TV show promoting their new single ‘Anarchy in the UK’. Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan win the Nobel peace prize while inflation stands at 16.5 percent.
In the U.S., ‘Hotel California’ is released by the Eagles. Richard J.Daley Mayor of Chicago for 21 years dies while in office and California’s sodomy law is repealed.

Top of the pops

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