November 24th, 1980

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The year was winding down in Bermuda and tourism was seeing a record number of visitors as Reid Street and the rest of Hamilton was overwhelmed with shoppers and site-seers. Being only 10, I took no interest in local news as I grooved to the sound of Madness, Diana Ross and the Spinners ‘working my way back to you’. The phenomenal rise of Christopher Cross was gathering pace in the music stores with ‘never be the same’, a constant play on fm 89. Bermuda’s obsession with english soccer was at its height with jerseys being worn almost everyday. On tv, Hill Street Blues was becoming a cult favorite along with the Jeffersons and Archie Bunker’s Place.

In the news
The United Bermuda Party will announce whether they will replace Dr. Vincent Bridgewater before tomorrow’s nomination deadline. Due to the nature of Dr. Brigewaters’ behavior in recent weeks, many in the UBP feel that’s it’s time for a replacement.
November has seen a record growth in tourism for the twentieth consecutive month, exceeding the same month last year. Figures released by the Department of Tourism show that 48,822 visitors came to Bermuda in October, up by 3.1 percent over the same month last year.
Mr.Julian Hall is to stand as the Progressive Labour Party’s candidate in Pembroke West against Premiere Hon. David Gibbons in the up coming general election.

In the U.S., Former Governor of California, Ronald Reagan defeats democratic President Jimmy Carter. The victory was a land slide for the new President.
The 7.3 Eureka earthquake shook the north coast of California causing six injuries and costing $2.75 million in damages. Meanwhile, millions of viewers tuned into finding out who shot J.R in the mega hit series, Dallas.

In the United Kingdom, Michael Foot is elected leader of the Labour Party and 16-year-old Theresa Sykes is wounded in an attack on her by the Yorkshire Ripper. With the economy now in recession, the government has announced there will be further cuts in spending with increased taxes in order to the tackle the country’s inflation rate.

Top of the pops

TV shows


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