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November 17th 1976: What a beautiful time of year to be in Bermuda. Cool, crisp and Christmas only weeks away. The Starsky and Hutch phenomenon was well underway in Bermuda as the Annex Store sold a huge array of merchandise. Reid Street and Queen Street shoppers were styled in plaid jackets, afros with bell bottoms that were all the rage. My family was no different as my brother, Paul proudly wore wing collars, my mom wore beige slacks — for me, purple bell bottoms. Being only six, I was more interested in my shows for that week. How did Starsky and Hutch capture that vampire? What’s going to happen to the bionic boy?

In the news

Yesterday, in Bermuda, the Premier the Hon. Jack Sharpe stated that people’s individual problems cannot be solved just by having independence. He was guest speaker at a luncheon marking the opening of the Bermuda Bicenntenial conference at the Bermudiana hotel.

“Bermuda hotels lost nearly 10 million dollars in the last three years”, said the Bermuda Hotel Association, Vice President, Lyndon Clay. He went on to say that if the trend continues hotel closures will be coming very soon.

A HIP clerk appeared in Magiatrates Court yesterday being accused of stealing $18,000. The person cannot be named for legal reasons. Appearing before Senior Magiatrate Hon.Wor Richard Hector, the accused person admitted the theft and said it was done due to financial difficulties.

In the U.K, the seven robbers who stole $8,000,000 from the Bank of America in Mayfair are sentenced to a hundred years in jail.

Meanwhile in the United States, Jimmy Carter defeats President Gerald Ford — becoming the first candidate from the Deep South to win from the civil war. The musical group The Band holds its farewell tour in San Francisco titled The Waltz and Microsoft is officially registered with the Office of the State of New Mexico.

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Got memories from the past that you’d like to share, email Phillip Ingham at [email protected]

Got memories from the past that you’d like to share, email Phillip Ingham from 'Back in de Day' at [email protected].

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