A Marvel-ous argument

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October 27th 1977: Oh what a winter and what a year it was. Reggae was in full swing as I was introduced to Bob Marley’s ‘Jammin’ hit on my brother Paul’s stereo system. Long hair and Adidas shoes were all the rage around Hamilton as Paul was striving to look like John Travolta and sister Dee Farrah Fawcett Majors. Washington Mall was a total blast around this time.

A feeling of Christmas etched ever near wondering if I would ever get that Six Million dollar Man action figure as Steve Austin’s latest encounter with Bigfoot left me breathless in’Bigfoot V’. And of course not forgetting my debates with my friend on who was the strongest — The Incredible Hulk or Wonder Woman.


In the news

Mr. Roy Mucklow, manager of South Capers Cottage colony has appealed to the people of Bermuda to ask whether he should stay or go, after the Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. John Swan gave him 48 hours to leave the Island after an appeal to the cabinet was rejected.

City Hall highlighted Mental Health Week where the subject of alcoholism was discussed with various films shown about the dangers of excessive drinking.

UBP member Dr.Vincent Bridgewater stated that he will not resign from his cabinet position after being found guilty of assaulting a police officer.


In the United Kingdom,  police are still searching for the notorious ‘Yorkshire Ripper’ murderer after his latest victim was found on October 10th.

The murder of school boy Carl Bridgewater is still under investigation in the greater Nottingham area.

Christmas cheer came early for many British Residents as Chancellor Denis Healey gave a tax rebate and a two per cent increase in wages across the Country.


Meanwhile, the United States circulated a proposal to the UN Security Council calling for a time delayed arms embargo on South Africa.


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Got memories from the past that you’d like to share, email Phillip Ingham at [email protected]

Got memories from the past that you’d like to share, email Phillip Ingham from 'Back in de Day' at [email protected].

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