A sale shopping guide

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Even though the weather says height of summer, the stores are signaling that the end of summer is nigh and it’s time to bargain hunt. It’s all too easy to lose focus in the sale frenzy, so tactics are key to being sensible and shopping successfully. Here are my top sale shopping tips.

Don’t be seduced by the discount tag

Despite the promise of a great saving, don’t let the sale tag lead you into a false sense of security. Really consider if you would actually wear the item. Nothing is a bargain if it’s simply going to hang in at the back of your closet unworn.

Do a closet inventory

Consider what you actually need, where are the gaps in your wardrobe and what essentials could do with being updated. This is a perfectly strategic way to tackle the sale racks.

Check your social calendar

This is a prime time to think about upcoming events that need something special for the occasion. Summer sales are the perfect opportunity to pick up that party outfit with big savings and avoiding the last minute panic.

Only buy something that fits

Don’t buy anything ill-fitting with the intention of getting it tailored or losing weight unless you absolutely mean it. A few half-hearted sale purchases can add up to one new-season item that you get more wear out of, making your sale purchases much less of a bargain.

A final word of advice

Think smart and make wise investments by seeing what’s coming next season and which pieces can do the double duty of transitioning you from summer to autumn. Go from sleeveless to long sleeves with some cropped pants; add monochrome to summer brights; a sparkly sequin jacket to a black jumpsuit; add a silky blouse to denim skirts and a denim jacket to maxi dresses.

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