The long cool days of summer

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August 17th, 1979

Ah, those heady days of summer. New wave music filled the radio, there was a sense of style everywhere you looked, and the start of the English football season was just around the corner. My brother Paul had his new addidas shoes and I had my first Liverpool kit. There can be no prouder moment for a nine-year-old than getting that first strip.

With no more Bionic Woman or Starsky & Hutch on Thursdays and Saturday, other television shows were playing their part in my formative years. There was Wonder Woman with her magic lasso, the Rockford Files (why is Angel always in prison by the way?), and, of course, Charlie’s Angles.

On top of that was the awesome power of Kenny Dalglish; a summer to treasure to be sure.

In the news:

The Bermuda Monetary Authority has asked the banks to cut their interest rates by one per cent. This is one of the main features of finance changes by the BMA to strengthen Bermuda’s eight deposit companies.

Bermuda will hear in the next few days whether Britain is to charge the island for bringing in troops during the 1977 riots. Talks were said to be cordial between Bermuda, the Commonwealth Office, and the Ministry of Defence.

Overseas, Raymond Washington, co-founder of the notorious Crips gang, is shot and killed in the United States five months after his arrest on multiple murder charges.

In Britain, Brighton opens its first nudist beach, while John Stonehouse, the disgraced Member of Parliament, is released from prison after serving four years for faking his own death.

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