An English summer

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Wednesday, August 4 1982

That summer of ’82, the UK was bathed in sunshine, especially Nottingham where I lived.

Being 12 years old, the feeling of innocence and safety was all around me as the sounds of Duran Duran, Human League and Survivor emanated all around my house as I contemplated the new school year.

Rocky 3 was still etched on my mind — that final round when Clubber Lang finally met his fate. 80’s television came across as colourful and fun. The Incredible Hulk, Knight Rider and soon four renegades forming the A-Team would soon make a massive impact on my life.

My weekly allowance from my mother meant new comic books on the weekend. Friendships were formed  — the old ones were fading and new ones were blossoming as I slowly entered the beginning of my teen years.

Phillip Ingham takes us back in de day

 In the news

Bermuda college has temporarily run out of cash according to Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Arthur Hallett which has put a freeze on purchasing supplies for the facility.

In the UK, the Princess of Wales has her first child christened — William Arthur Philip Louis. The conservative government privatises the British National Oil Corporation, creating Britoil and 65-year-old American Ashby Harper is the oldest person to swim the English Channel.

In the United States, the Lebanese Civil War sees a multinational force land in Beirut to supervise the PLO withdrawal of troops from Lebanon.

School teacher, Carl Robert Brown, murders eight people inside a welding shop in Miami, Florida before being shot by a passing motorist.


Top Grossing Movies

– ET

– Rocky 3

– An Officer and a Gentlemen







Top Albums

– Thriller: Michael Jackson

– The Dreaming: Kate Bush

– RIO: Duran Duran


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