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Linguine with Lionfish Sauce

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Lionfish are fearless killers that are destroying our eco-system. Now Bermuda’s top reef menace, plenty needs to be done to rid the island’s waters of this species.

Thankfully, all is not lost. There is an easy, and tasty, way to combat this growing menace. Because, while the lionfish feed below the waves, we can feed on them above.

Because lionfish are very tasty, they are becoming popular to either cook or to dine upon. Even as fillets, the flaky texture cooks quickly, and one of the easiest ways to enjoy lionfish is to quickly sauté each side of the fillet in a little olive oil or butter, with your favourite seasonings, or optional garlic.

Ingredients: 400g linguine pasta; 1 large lionfish cleaned and filleted; 1 shallot; 2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil; 3 fresh ripe tomatoes; 3 tbsp. brandy, parsley, salt, pepper and your favourite Italian herbs.


Sauté the shallots in oil, and then put the fillets in a pan. De-glaze it with the brandy; add tomatoes cut into small pieces, and finish cooking the sauce by adding a ladle of pasta water from the cooked linguine. Add salt, peeper, and herbs to taste. Serve over cooked pasta.

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