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  1. Bermudians love a good countdown. Right now in the spring, in the middle of the after-winter doldrums, we are more than likely counting down to summer, vacation (because you know the fever got you), kids out of school, kids back into school, Cup Match… Fast and Furious 8 (oh don’t act like you aren’t, I mean, JASON STATHAM! Nuff said.).
    Firm favourite: Jason Statham
  2. Island life is predominantly thought to be slower, a more relaxing existence. And for most of our cousins to the south, it probably is. Not so much here. You always see those tourists who seem a bit bemused as to why Bermudians seem to buck that expectation and are constantly rushing from here to there. Even our waiting is impatient. Don’t believe me, just go into any bank or try to get food from KFC. The looks on the tourists’ faces seem to say, “Hey, um, you are totally messing with my vacay vibe by being all… work-y.” We work hard, we play harder but either way nothing is actually done at true island speed. Kinda like city speed with a pina colada.
  3. I’m personally counting down to my favourite holiday, Cadbury Crème Egg Day. Some people like to call it the day after Easter but hey, each to their own. That’s the wondrously Willy Wonka-like holiday where Crème Eggs are 50% off at the Phoenix. The day I can buy them in bulk and don’t have to feel bad about hiding them from the kids. I mean, I always hide them from the kids but after their Easter Egg hunt  I don’t have to feel bad about it. Makes a huge difference. It’s the last gorge before pretending that, I promise, tomorrow I really will start getting fit so I can rock my bikini body. In truth I will never truly start on the whole fitness thing, not formally. I have kids and I like wine. When am I supposed to find the time? I walk to and from Bull’s Head every day. What more do you want from me?!
  4. The main countdown for most Bermudians at any time of the year is usually one of two holidays, a toss-up between Cup Match and Christmas. It’s very easy to understand why those two. They are both long holidays, with Cup Match leaning out as a guaranteed long weekend. They are both amazingly fun family and/or friend filled holidays. They both involve copious amounts of ‘so good you’ll slap your momma’ food and drink (Swizzle anyone?). And they both leave you amazingly broke by the end. I think the music selection is slightly better at Cup Match though. Wait, no, I’m lying. There is one Bermudian holiday that beats all others for our loyalty in celebrating it. That is, of course, a Bermudian’s birthday. Yup, we will work double shifts, we will even grudgingly work weekends, but ask a Bermudian to work on their birthday? “Oh, the looks they will look.” We don’t work birthdays, we celebrate birthdays. And if ya boy is celebrating his, you will gladly take the hit of a hangover at work to make sure he celebrates in style.
  5. We love our time off. That’s when you will see us semi-islanders become true islanders. There’s nothing better than sitting back with your family, your friends and people who will become friends by the end of the night. Bermuda is the equivalent of a small town in the US and the camaraderie we show at these times is when you really can recognize this. That, and when you take a stroll through town at lunch time on a Friday… “Hey girl” “How’s ya momma?” “Did your brother and his wife have that kid yet?”

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