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Hit the Beach like a Master

Everything You Need for Fun in the Sun
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It’s officially time to enjoy Bermuda’s weather at the beach! You have waited all winter for this, and now that the rains have gone, it’s time to work on that tan.

However, you don’t want to sloth yourself down to Horseshoe or John Smith’s Bay like an average Joe – you want to show up prepared and in style. You have your new suit, your hat, sunscreen, even an enjoyable book. Now, on to the essentials that will elevate your day to an excursion!

Masters Home Centre has everything you need for the beach this year, whether you are a home owner or a hotelier. They’re on hand to set you up right – here’s how.

Beach Basics

Start with your beach chairs, available in various sizes, colors, and patterns. If you have company, (and you’ve convinced them to help carry your gazebo or sun shelter) – a 10’x10’ shaded area, complete with weights to prevent it from blowing away, is especially appealing.

Your cooler, whether it’s a large wheeled model or a compact one, is packed with beach-day treats, kept cool with ice packs. Additionally, you’ve brought along both a water jug and a drink jug—just in case.

To set up your spot, you break out the beach umbrella (there’s steel or aluminium models) which has optional solar lighting in case you are partying late. Under the umbrella goes your beach mat, a classic striped beach towel (at some of the best prices in Bermuda), and your waterproof beach bag.

And ofcourse, you’re brought your beach bag complete with swim cap, nose plugs, swim shoes, goggles, your snorkel mask, water gun, “floatie” (that’s floatation device for the uninitiated), a solar rechargeable air pump, and more.

Whether you’re a person of class, have a family, or both, a portable side table in plastic or aluminum is a must-have to hold your essentials in a size that fits your needs. With the tablecloth and co-ordinating clips, and pop-up food canopies to protect your food, your refreshments are at the ready.

For fun and games, you’ve brought along the number one seller – a beach ball. However, to shake it up a bit, you also have a bucket and sand tools for the kids, boogie boards for the teens, and a beach football to keep hubby entertained.

Poolside Essentials

Now, like Anakin Skywalker you might be thinking that you don’t like sand, so your plan is to hang out poolside instead. Masters Home Centre has something for you, too!

Whether its your personal home pool, your  Airbnb property, or perhaps just a glorified kiddie pool, you can set yourself up with traditional lounge chairs, or chairs with clip-on umbrellas, and maybe a floating cooler so you can enjoy the water for longer.

Hoteliers, you know that Masters Home Centre is the place to go for your pool noodles, beach balls, bamboo torches, etc. You know how to treat kids as guests!

Wannabe sailors, take advantage of the inflatable boats on hand that are often used at the Non-Mariners Race each year.

There is sincerely something for everyone at Masters Home Centre in their outdoor department. You should get there early! Don’t forget, with 10% off on Thursdays for regularly priced items, now is the time to stock up on beach gear and get ready to roll!

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