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Taking the Path to being Eco-Friendly

Starting small from your own home!
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If you want to know one of the best ways to keep your home healthy and clean, you might not need to look any further than your baking cabinet. 

Eco-friendly home cleaning is still on the rise, which is essentially using cleaning products that are sustainably sourced and contain ingredients that are safe for the environment. Experts have developed new formulas for green cleaning products that have the ability to kill most bacteria and viruses known to date without the use of toxic chemicals. Businesses who utilize green solutions are viewed as innovators and are supported by many existing and potential clients. 

Ryan Faries of Bermuda Cleaning Limited answered some common questions about eco-friendly cleaning, with reassurance that if you don’t feel comfortable making your own products, there are some options for you as well. 

“Eco-friendly products, when used correctly, can be very effective,” Ryan divulged. “They are made without harsher chemicals so they can be great for everyday use around the house. However, it is always important to read the labels carefully and ensure the products you are using are the right fit for your home and family’s needs.” 

So, yes, there are products you can purchase already made, or you can make your own recipe depending on your needs. According to Ryan, household items such as baking soda, salt, cornflour, vinegar, and lemons can all be used to tackle tough stains when applied correctly. However, it’s important to purchase (or make) the correct solution depending on your needs. 

“You must always ensure you have correctly read the manufacturers guidelines before applying any type of cleaner on any surface, especially natural stone,” urges Ryan. “If you’re making your own solution, be certain that it’s safe for the surface you want to clean.” 


Do you want to save money? Ryan shared that when buying in concentration and diluting the products, it’s an effective cleaning method whilst also drastically reducing the overall use of plastic. 

Do you want to be more sustainable with your home cleaning? Try using different household kitchen items that work for your home and surfaces. Clean with reusable microfiber cloths that can be washed instead of discarded. Reuse your plastic bottles and of course recycle whenever possible! 

Do you want to help the environment? Ryan quipped, “Crumbs make a pie, every little bit helps, one small process at a time. No better way to start eco cleaning than right now.” 


One should note that pairing green cleaning products with eco-friendly supplies is a natural evolution of this process. Products like rubber gloves, sponges, plastic scrub brushes and paper towels can all contribute to environmental issues. Better options for cleaning tools are made with biodegradable materials, some of which even last longer than their conventional counterparts (for example Swedish dishcloths – which are fabricated from a combination of cotton and wood pulp). 

Now you are sufficiently motivated to start eco-cleaning yourself, right? If you want to incorporate eco-friendly cleaning into your daily routine, Ryan has some simple advice for you. 

“Start by stocking the correct Eco-products (sold at Bermuda Janitorial Supply or online at www.bermudajanitoiral.bm),” he shared. 

“Once you have the correct products for your home you can begin your routine cleaning methods that will evolve into other environmentally benefitting processes such as recycling, dilution systems, and reducing the use of single use plastics.” 

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