Heritage Profile: Paul DeCouto

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Paul DeCouto is a legend. A figure whose name was synonymous with ‘kitting out’ your ‘rodent’ at a time when speed mattered. Not to glorify pack racing, but Bermuda’s street racing culture was and is a real thing. Back in the late eighties and early nineties – when I was a teen – Paul DeCouto was a highly sought after technician.

His vey name held gravitas – there was a distinct mysticism around him. I would meet him in real life many years later, but when I was making nips up and down our narrow roads, I knew his name – but don’t ask me if I could pick him out of a line-up. He was a ghost who had the bike game on lock!

The most impressive thing about all of this is that he was only a few years older than me. This meant that he earned that air of reverence amongst Bermuda’s young motor-heads while he was still a teen-ager himself!

These were the days when Coney Island was still an active, and very exciting, track, and Yamaha V50s were dominating the streets all day, all night, and in between. So, Paul DeCouto was a mythical figure when Bermuda’s street racing culture was in its golden era.

Hailing from a Portuguese and British background, Paul has contributed to Bermuda’s youth culture in sublime and subtle ways; making his mark is his chosen field, and gaining the respect of Bermudians of all ilk and ancestry.

It would stand to reason that he would eventually open a world class motorcycle shop in Bermuda. Cycle Care has stood for a few decades now, and Paul is doing exactly what he was meant to do as the Director of the business.

“To me, contributing to Bermudas culture means sharing my passion for motorcycles with our community.” – Paul DeCouto.

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