Heritage Profile: Kelly Zuill

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Mr Kelly Zuill, as the saying goes, is “Blessed and highly favoured.” For the past 60 years, he has been a driving force for promoting gospel music here on the rock.

Starting in 1963, at the tender age of 21, Kelly Zuill has consistently graced the radio air waves with the inspirational message of the gospel sound. Kelly dared to play music that some may have considered too upbeat and urban for the listener of the day. But nonetheless, he persevered and won over many new fans, as he continued to play the music that resonated with him.

Kelly remembers fondly starting out part-time on Berkeley Road. Soon after, his operation moved to North Shore Road, to a studio fondly called “Down by the Sea.”  In the 1980s, ZFB and ZBM became one company under the Bermuda Broadcasting banner.

One of Kelly’s favorite artists is James Cleaveland.  He is also partial to musical groups such as the Mount Zion Male Voice Choir. In fact, he has toured with the group in the United States as Master of Ceremonies in addition to doing the duties here locally.

Mr. Zuill currently works full-time on Inspire 105.1. He delivers the goods daily from 10:00am to 12:45pm, and enjoys a steady popularity.

Mr. Zuill has been given many accolades over the years. He has also won Gospel Announcer awards both locally and abroad.

Today, we take the opportunity to salute a son of the soil for fervently pushing this genre of music into the mainstream of Bermudian Culture. Job well done Mr. Kelly Zuill.

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