Heritage Profile: David Lopes

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by Shay Dawn Burgess

On May 16, 1962, Mr David Lopes ventured into radio. He noted that television was not the great medium that it is now, and that radio once reigned supreme. Back in the late 1950’s, WINS (an American Station) was the most popular radio station that many locals, and servicemen from the American Base listened to.

Mr Lopes got his start at a Teen Club that took place at St. Michael’s Hall in Paget. He was invited to play the music there. And, as the saying goes, one thing led to another. While Mr Lopes was a farmer by trade, he still had a love for playing music on the radio.

An opportunity came when a colleague at Z2 fell ill, and the Program Director needed a morning person to fill in. Enter Mr David Lopes. He readily accepted the challenge, and has been the morning personality ever since. In time, Z2 became FM89, and, more recently, Mr Lopes was transferred to Inspire 105.1, where he is still the morning personality. He holds court every Monday to Friday from 6:00am until 9:00am on Inspire 105.1.

One of the notable things Mr Lopes is known for is his love of playing country music, as well as highlighting positive news world-wide. In addition, if you are a lover of Oldie-Goldies, Friday mornings are a must. You’ll find yourself singing along and going down ‘Memory Lane’ with Mr Lopes.

David Lopes has been a massively popular morning personality for a long time now. Born in Bermuda to Portuguese parents, he is a true Bermudian original, and a credit to his homeland for promoting both local and international hits for all to listen to. Countless locals have risen to his voice daily over the years, and he’s put smiles on all their faces.

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