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Smarter kitchens

How the latest technology can transform your home
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Using smart technology to turn on music and lights has become commonplace in many homes, but have you asked Alexa to wash and dry your laundry yet?

If not, you soon might be.

Many of the latest kitchen appliances available to buy in Bermuda can be controlled remotely using a mobile phone, taking the meaning of “modern kitchen” to a new level.

Matthew Gerado, VP of Sales at Joshua Bate Trading Bermuda Ltd, said it was possible to preheat your oven or reset the temperature of your fridge on the way home from work.

“You have that option and same with laundry,” he said.

“If you throw a bunch of clothes in the washer and put in your detergent, you obviously don’t want to run your washer first thing in the morning, because by the time you get home those wet clothes have been sitting there for five to six hours.

“You can set it off later remotely. Things like that, I find the Wi-Fi capabilities good for.”

Joshua Bate is the authorised dealer for GE appliances in Bermuda and much of its inventory now includes smart technology and other 21st century innovations.

Many such features now come as standard, including one which is particularly useful in Bermuda’s humid climate.

All GE washers now feature built-in Microban antimicrobial technology, which prevents odour-causing bacteria, allowing the machine’s door to be closed when not in use.

“A lot of people used to keep their washer door open to prevent it getting smelly but insects can get inside, which is not great,” said Mr Gerado. “If you’re buying GE, essentially you don’t really have the option to not have Microban.

“But at the same time you would obviously want it because it is a cool feature and price point and still very competitive with any other brands.”

GE has introduced large front-loading washing machines with an UltraFresh Vent System, which uses a fan to completely dry the appliance after use, preventing mould and mildew.

Mr Gerado said those were proving popular, along with large combination washer-dryers, previously not widely available in Bermuda.

“A lot of European models had got that right in the past,” he said. “Now there is a combo unit that GE has released recently.

“So people that don’t have venting options or they just don’t have the space to have a separate washer and dryer can go with this combo unit. It’s fantastic.”

The dual function and connectivity means you can set off a wash cycle, followed by a drying cycle, all while out of the house, returning home to a large load of clean, dry laundry.

It’s the kind of convenience that homeowners in 2024 are looking for when creating their dream kitchen and, happily, it doesn’t come at the expense of appearance.

Mr Gerado joked he was “one of the few people that are passionate about appliances” and he’s especially excited about GE’s customisable Café range, which comes in non-standard colours.

“It’s in-between a middle end and high end feel,” he said. “You can customise your finish, you can customise your hardware. You can create a unique experience in your kitchen. People that come in and see them, love them.”

Anyone with grand designs for their kitchen – or just a desire to freshen up the space – can visit Joshua Bate’s Devonshire showroom, where Mr Gerado is happy to discuss the latest tech.

One final tip before visiting? “Know your measurements,” he advised. “If you don’t feel comfortable doing it, I offer a service that I don’t actually charge for. I’m all for customer service, especially for the elderly.”

  • The Joshua Bate showroom is at 7 Marsh Lane, Devonshire, or call 236-7866.

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