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How to Rebuild Your Home on a Budget

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We would all love to turn our house into the perfect modern home but, in these days of soaring costs and economic constraints, the price of it all can be a huge barrier to many families. 

But while you might not be able to upgrade your old cottage into the kind of mansion you see in Tucker’s Town, you can still make plenty of improvements without breaking the bank. 

Here’s our guide on home renovations that are friendly on your purse: 


Redecorating a few rooms that haven’t been spruced up in years will not only make your home feel like somewhere new, it will also add to the value of your property. 

Start by throwing out any tired old furniture. Replacing it doesn’t have to cost the earth – you can pick up quality second-hand couches, tables or chairs at bargain prices if you scroll through Facebook long enough and keep your eyes open for leaving-the-island sales. 

Your old carpets and curtains can all go straight to Tynes Bay. Then take a moment to consider whether you really need all those shelves that went up 30 years ago and are packed with dusty electronics that don’t work anymore. Don’t just clear the shelves off – rip them off the walls and make your room more spacious. 

You live in Bermuda, so you’ve probably got ugly black spots on at least one or two of your walls. Get an expert to help you deal with any major mould outbreaks but, for minor incidences, a quick scrub and lick of mould-resistant paint and they’ll look like new. Pick a pastel colour to create that island vibe and make the room feel bigger. 

Finally, add a touch of class by repainting your woodwork in neutral colours and staining or painting the floorboards. 

See, you never thought your old house could look so good – and at a fraction of the cost of a full renovation! 


So you don’t have $5,000 for the smartest new oven and the kitchen of your dreams feels more like a pipedream? 

Fear not. You can still give it a fresh look by changing the worktops, replacing the doors and handles of your appliances or drawers, or painting the cabinets a different colour. Even installing new taps and a sink can make doing the washing up a less depressing chore. At least a little bit! 

Another way to make your kitchen special is to splash out on a splashback – it will create that modern touch without the financial burden of a full renovation. 

What about getting a new front door, or repainting your existing door? We might not give it much thought while we’re sitting on the comfy chair watching Netflix, but the front door gives your house character from the outside and can create a lasting first impression for visitors. 

Similarly, fitting a completely new bathroom can be overwhelmingly expensive, but a new toilet seat, taps and showerhead can sharpen things up at a fraction of the cost. 

If you have stairs, fit a stair runner that can complement the floor design. 

New lighting across the property can improve your energy efficiency as well as make the whole place brighter. 


One surefire way to make your place feel different is to paint the outside a new colour. 

Get the whole family to join in the fun by voting on the new shade but remember many outsiders will define you by the colour of your house so it’s not a choice to be taken lightly. 

Do you really want to be telling the taxi driver to collect you from the bright purple cottage at the end of the street? Perhaps you do, in which case we’re not judging. 

Pick a different colour to your neighbours to make it easier for the delivery guy to identify. 

When it’s time to paint, you don’t need to hire anyone – just get the family and friends round for a painting party. Although if you’re rewarding them with takeaway pizza and beer you may end up wishing you’d saved money by hiring a painting team instead! 

You’re probably in the habit of painting your roof every couple of years anyway, but make sure you time it for when you’ve painted the house. A dirty roof will take the shine off any beautifully painted house. 


A well-maintained garden is the icing on the cake to a happy home. 

The bad news is not everyone has the time or inclination to spend hours weeding the vegetable patch or carefully pruning rows of plants or hedges every week. Not everyone can afford a gardener either. 

The good news is that there are other ways to make the exterior of your property look spic and span. Plant low maintenance indigenous trees instead of flowers and ensure your vegetable patch is small enough to be manageable. 

You’ll still have to mow the lawn though. Just think of the exercise. 


If you do decide to hire contractors, there are ways to keep the costs down: 

Reduce labour costs by demolishing old kitchen cabinets, shelves and cupboards yourself. Be careful not to take risks with electrics or plumbing. 

Consider whether it’s cheaper to knock down your building and rebuild from scratch, instead of renovating. 

Check the cost of competing contractors but remember cheaper isn’t always better – so insist on references, a final contract and schedule. 

Find out whether your building materials are available in Bermuda. If they need to be imported, it can set back your schedule by months. 

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