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Winners explain how financial awards changed their lives
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In a world of ever-increasing school fees, winning a scholarship from the Bermuda Government was a game-changer for Andreaz Glasgow and Malay Robinson.

Mr Glasgow, 20, a political science and business student at Long Island University, was one of 62 Bermudians to land a Government scholarship in 2023 when he picked up an Undergraduate Further Education Award worth $10,000.

“The money directly helped to offset my educational costs and tuition. It eases the burden of having to figure out how to afford higher education,” he said. “I had applied to numerous other scholarships without success and I was really hoping to get one as, with rising inflation, school fees have gone up as well.”

Malay Robinson

Ms Robinson, 21, was one of three students to win a Teacher Education Scholarship worth up to $20,000 a year in 2022. She is currently studying at Kean University and is expected to work in Bermuda’s Government school system upon graduation.

“This eases the financial burden so that I can focus on my studies and I can know that I have a job to come home to,” she said. “Kean University has provided me with some of the greatest learning experiences both academically, professionally and personally.”

This year, the Ministry of Education has increased its scholarship and awards offerings to a total of almost $2 million. Minister Diallo Rabain has noted this total has risen every year since 2018 because scholarships pave the way for young people to develop and contribute to Bermuda’s success. To apply for a Government scholarship, the first step is to log on to bermudascholarships.com.

Mr Glasgow advised: “It’s a swift process as long as you have all your documents together. Once applied, if you’re selected for an interview, you schedule a time to meet with the panel and they ask various questions and then you’re done. If you are successful, they’ll let you know via email and you attend the awards ceremony at a later date.”

It sounds straightforward – but how can maximise your chances of winning?
“I feel the scholarship committee selected me because of my passion and drive,” Mr Glasgow said. “My best qualities, I feel, are communication and my go-getter spirit. I would say with any scholarship, not just the Government scholarship, you need to be as authentic as possible.

Ms Robinson said she demonstrated adaptability, perseverance and creativity during her application process. “The key is not only to have these qualities but to be able to showcase them in a variety of ways in your life.”

Both students reflected on their delight at being selected. “When I received the call, I was elated. Any contribution, whether it be financial or simply by talking to me about my goals and aspirations, is a blessing,” said Mr Glasgow.

Ms Robinson recalled: “I thought I had not received the award because I had heard around the mill that others had already heard back. I received the call one evening after work in July 2022 and I was ecstatic. I was out to dinner with some friends who were celebrating their scholarship wins when the call came and I immediately got up and danced. There is no feeling compared to someone believing in you enough to award you a scholarship.”

Mr Glasgow also won scholarships from the Association of Bermuda International Companies and the Centennial Foundation as he pursues dual bachelor’s degrees in political science and international relations and diplomacy, as well as a master’s of business in management information systems. He has since given back by using his networking and connections in the US to make donations to Bermuda charities Transformational Living Centre and Home.

Ms Robinson is part of the Tomorrow’s Teachers organisation and serves as the President of Tau Sigma National Honors Society for Transfer Students. She said: “One of my long-term goals is to positively contribute to the enhancement of Bermuda’s education system starting with my classroom.”

Ministry of Education scholarships and awards available in 2024 are:

  • The Minister’s Achievement Scholarship for high-achieving graduating students of CedarBridge Academy and The Berkeley Institute who want to study overseas.
  • The Minister’s Exceptional Student Award for graduating students or school leavers with disabilities for local or overseas post-secondary study. Available to people with disabilities up to the age of 25 who may be working, volunteering or already at college or university.
  • The Minister’s Technical and Vocational Award for public school graduates aiming for post-secondary study at home or overseas.
  • The Minister’s Applied Science Scholarship for graduating public senior school students who attended Bermuda College’s Applied Technology Dual Enrolment Diploma Programme and plan to continue the programme to obtain an Associate’s Degree or certificate.
  • The Further Education Award for students who have completed at least one year at an accredited college or university for continued post-secondary study. Awards will also be given to students pursuing or attending post-graduate study.
  • The Non-Traditional Student Award for people aged over 25 pursuing post-secondary study.
  • The Teacher Education Scholarship for current college or university students for study of selected subjects or areas of teaching needed in the Bermuda Public School System.
  • The Bermuda Government Scholarship for graduating senior school, college or university students up to the age of 25, demonstrating outstanding academic achievement.
  • The University of the West Indies Scholarship for up to three years of funding for undergraduate or post-graduate students.
  • The College Promise Programme, which means public high school graduates with a GPA of 3.0 or higher can attend The Bermuda College tuition-free.
  • The Bermuda College Book Award, for Bermuda College students in financial need.

The application period for the 2024 Ministry of Education Scholarships and Awards is now open. The deadline is Monday, April 8. No late applications will be accepted. Visit www.bermudascholarships.com and type “Ministry of Education” into the search bar. Anyone experiencing challenges with uploading files should visit the help feature on the website before contacting the Ministry of Education.

For more information about the Ministry of Education Scholarship and Awards, email [email protected].

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