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CAOB scholarship supports university programmes and trade certifications
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Are you an analytical thinker and problem solver who likes to work with your hands? Then a career in the construction industry might be right for you.

For more than 50 years the Construction Association of Bermuda (CAOB) has been providing educational and career development opportunities for Bermudians pursuing a career in a building profession. While this once might have been limited to applicants pursuing a university degree in architecture or engineering, today’s applicants might well be studying for a trade certification, project management degree, or cutting-edge AI-based technology for the industry.

According to Bryan Adams, a director at ABM Limited and current vice-president of the CAOB, “the association membership is composed of construction companies, general contractors, and a wide range of industry suppliers, and we are actively encouraging applicants who are studying applied skills such as carpentry, drywalling, plumbing, welding, masonry, and surveying to apply for one of the awards”.

Is this a good time to pursue a career in the construction industry in Bermuda?

As much as one might be tempted to argue that this industry does not have a strong future, because Bermuda has very little undeveloped land, Mr Adams said that nothing could be further from the truth.

“Although Bermuda has a limited land mass, there will always be opportunities in the construction industry for ongoing maintenance and upgrades,” he explained. “Everywhere you look, alternative materials, AI applications, and even 3D printing innovations are starting to be introduced, and we need Bermudians to be up to speed with these new skills.

“Due to rising costs and the need to adapt to climate change, new building products, energy-efficient systems, and technological innovations are being introduced regularly,” he continued. “We really want to encourage Bermudians who are currently in the midst of obtaining certification in construction industry-related programmes of study, and who intend to return to the island once they have completed their education, to apply for an award.”

What academic qualifications and attributes would make someone well-suited for a career in the construction industry?

“It’s fair to say that, in addition to good grades, whether you are interested in obtaining a university degree or a trade certification, you would need a good solid grounding in mathematics and enjoy working with your hands,” said Mr Adams. “But, computer literacy and IT skills are also important because more and more aspects of construction are driven by technology these days.”

“We also tend to prefer applicants who have already completed at least one year of their course of study,” he added.

What are the typical attributes of someone who excels in the construction industry?

People with diverse skills and interests can find success in engineering and construction if they are detail-oriented and have a genuine passion and commitment to the field.

As a rule, problem solvers and analytical thinkers who enjoy analysing situations and applying logic and critical thinking to assess different scenarios, are well-suited for the construction industry. Adaptable team players with strong communication skills who possess a willingness to embrace innovation will enjoy this industry as it is constantly evolving.

What is your advice regarding how to prepare for an interview with the scholarship selection committee?

“It’s very important to be ready to discuss not just the programme that you want to study, but what you hope to get out of your experience, and how you hope to use this to build the industry when you return to Bermuda at the completion of your education,” Mr Adams explained. “The objective of the awards programme is to further the education of Bermudians who genuinely intend to return to the island and make a contribution”.

What if you are not sure where to apply to school for the type of certification that you want to obtain?

CAOB will be happy to direct students to accredited programmes in the US, Canada and the UK, but the applicability of the programme a student is considering to job opportunities in Bermuda with CAOB member companies will be evaluated by the scholarship selection committee.

Do you have some general advice regarding how to prepare for an interview?

As with many scholarships, a short list of candidates will be identified from the pool of applicants. “It’s important to submit a complete application and come to the interview prepared to discuss not just what you are studying, but also your volunteer experiences and the efforts that you have been making to seek summer or full-time employment with a CAOB member company,” said Mr Adams.

“CAOB is a registered charity and we hold fundraising events to accumulate the funds necessary to offer the scholarships. Successful award recipients need to be aware that they will be expected to volunteer to assist the association when time permits to help keep the award scheme active for future candidates,” he explained.

CAOB Scholarship Application Criteria

This year CAOB intends to offer three educational awards to exceptional Bermudians considering a career in a building profession including: construction, surveying, engineering, and any construction trade discipline certified by a suitable professional body.

The awards offered will be for the academic year commencing in September and may be renewed, subject to satisfactory academic progress and the number of other potential candidates.

In addition to providing proof of Bermudian status, and demonstrating financial need, candidates must have received acceptance to and, or provide a transcript of their previous year of study in an accredited programme. Also, two written references – one academic and one personal – written by someone in good standing in the community who has known the applicant for at least two years.

Bermudians of all ages are encouraged to seize this opportunity to further their career in the ever-evolving construction industry. With a commitment to fostering education and innovation, CAOB not only opens doors to academic pursuits, but also strives to be a catalyst for the development of Bermuda’s construction landscape.


For More information visit: www.caob.bm/scholarship-career-development

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