A Passion for Freedom!

The masterpiece-laden legacy of Troika Bermuda
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The people behind TROIKA Bermuda are quintessential artists – storytellers who integrate every form of known art into their performances – and routinely leave audiences in awe. 

Founding member Shoa Wolfe (née Bean) cites her passion for the artistic process when speaking about what drives the company’s art. 

“Creating art that not only entertains, but also empowers and inspires the local community is a powerful and meaningful endeavor. Art has the unique ability to evoke emotions, tell stories, and bring people together. 

“The impact of art on a community is profound, fostering creativity, dialogue, and a shared sense of identity. Being able to witness the artistic process through to completion makes for a positive contribution to the cultural fabric of our local community.” 

Starting as students in the Bermuda Public School System, the primary personalities behind TROIKA were always deeply invested in the telling of black stories, and the upliftment of an historically oppressed community. 

TROIKA Bermuda co-founders Seldon Woolridge and Shoa Wolfe

As professional Producers, they don’t hesitate to pull new artists from the same well that they themselves emerged from so many years ago; which, in turn, imparts all of the life lessons they learned so well through the Arts. 

“Involving young people in the Arts is crucial for various reasons, as it contributes to their personal, social, and cognitive development. The Arts promote creativity and expression, critical thinking and problem-solving, confidence building, cultural awareness and appreciation; fosters better communication skills, encourages teamwork and collaboration, develops emotional intelligence, and creates a life-long appreciation for the Arts.” 

TROIKA also testifies that immersion into the Arts at a young age assists with community building, and opens the door for future career opportunities for our young people. 

The TROIKA Team is worthy of celebration for so many reasons. The kind of legacy that this group of artists is building does not come easy – it takes commitment and passion. Ms Wolfe, along with co-founder Seldon Woolridge, cite the assiduous behind the scenes work of the TROIKA Bermuda Executive Team as the fuel that keeps the gears grinding. 

“We’d like to take this moment to highlight a group of individuals whose dedication often goes unrecognized—the TROIKA Bermuda Executive Team. 

“Robyn Dowling, Chesney Robinson, and G’ané Everheart, as integral members of the Executive Team, bring diverse skills, commitment, and passion to our organization. 

“Their collective efforts behind the scenes, whether in strategic planning, logistical coordination, or fostering a supportive environment, are invaluable. It’s their hard work and dedication that allow us to bring quality, and impactful, productions to the stage.” 

Of course, TROIKA will always acknowledge the vital role their sponsors play in bringing their art to life. 

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every sponsor who has generously contributed, or partnered with TROIKA Bermuda over the years. Your unwavering support has played a crucial role in our ability to bring quality and impactful works of art to the Bermuda community, and beyond.” 

But how about the actual art – the tangible works of legendary storytelling that TROIKA has blessed the Bermuda public with over the years? 

Ms Wolfe – like many – finds it virtually impossible to think of a standout TROIKA Production. 

“I find it challenging to pinpoint a single project that I am most proud of, as each one has been a distinct pleasure, and a unique experience to produce. From our original works, such as ‘Ammunition,’ ‘H.I.S.T.O.R.Y.,’ and ‘Misunderstood;’ to our ventures into professional productions like ‘Once On This Island,’ ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘The Color Purple,’ and ‘Sarafina!’ – each holds a special place in my heart. 

“Every project, with its own set of challenges and triumphs, has contributed to my growth and passion for the craft. Witnessing our 10th Anniversary show was particularly rewarding, offering a moment of reflection on the artistic journey we’ve undertaken over the years. It served as a poignant reminder of the collective efforts, creativity, and dedication poured into each production. 

“In essence, each project has been a chapter in a rich narrative, contributing to a tapestry of experiences that make the creative journey so fulfilling and memorable.” 

Memorable is right! If you’ve had the distinct pleasure of experiencing a TROIKA Production, then you will certainly have memories attached to the experience – their works are routinely stunning, world-class pieces of performance Art. 

Their latest offering – ‘Sarafina!’ – recently wrapped up a critically and popularly acclaimed run, and Ms Wolfe shared her thoughts on that masterpiece. 

“Sarafina! held a special place in my childhood, and within the black community, making the opportunity to bring it to a Bermuda audience both humbling and deeply gratifying. The film was a staple in our cultural landscape, and being able to share it locally felt like a meaningful contribution. 

“What made the experience truly special was witnessing the growth and evolution of the cast. Working with Bermudian actors who embraced the story, and then seeing them transform into African natives, fully immersing themselves in the narrative, was an absolute pleasure. It demonstrated not only their artistic commitment, but also the power of storytelling to transcend borders and connect with diverse audiences.” 

Having established their unique status in Bermuda’s Performance Art Pantheon, TROIKA expects to keep creating well into the future – which is amazing news for local art lovers, and young performers alike. 

“We are enthusiastic about the future of TROIKA Bermuda, anticipating the continued delivery of high-quality and professional works of art to both the Bermuda and international stages. Our excitement stems from a deep belief in the transformative power of the Arts and the unique contributions that TROIKA can make to the cultural landscape. 

“The TROIKA program pillars, including the ‘Work in Progress’ initiative, the ‘Master Class & Workshop Series,’ the ‘FYE: Young Choreographers Showcase,’ and ‘ASCEND: Youth Talent Project’ are integral to our mission. These initiatives not only contribute to the growth and enrichment of our current team, but also provide platforms for up-and-coming Bermudian artists. 

“We eagerly look forward to collaborating with emerging talents, fostering creativity, and providing opportunities for young artists to showcase their skills. TROIKA will continue to be a hub for artistic development, mentorship, and the realization of creative aspirations.” 

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