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Navigate your fitness journey: Expert tips for choosing the right trainer or gym

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Stepping into a gym for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. The mixture of sweat and competition can make newcomers feel out of place but whether you’re beginning your fitness journey or seeking to add variety to your workouts, taking that step is crucial. To guide you on this path, we’ve consulted three experts: Frances Smith, a personal trainer and fitness instructor at Exhale Spa at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club; Kamel Dickinson, owner and trainer of Cut 2 Fit; Jenia Thompson, a personal trainer and part-owner of NRG Personal Training Studio. 

Frances Smith

Ms Smith, who has seven years of experience focuses on seniors and injury recovery. She holds qualifications in exercise therapy and teaches HITT and barre. 

Ms Thompson, a personal trainer with over two decades of experience, enjoys guiding clients holistically through a combination of nutrition and fitness. 

Mr Dickinson, active in the fitness industry since 2018, discovered his passion during his wrestling career, which included a year with World Wrestling Entertainment in Orlando, Florida. Nowadays, he aims to make fitness enjoyable through engaging workouts. 

He advises individuals to find a gym or instructor that aligns with their personal goals, recognising that personalisation is key to a successful fitness journey. 

When seeking a fitness trainer, certain qualities are crucial, both Ms Smith and Ms Thompson insist. 

Jenia Thompson

Qualifications are paramount. The trainer should hold a general training certification from an accredited source. As Ms Smith puts it: “The trainer needs to learn about the client to be able to tailor a programme according to their needs.” 

Both experts also stressed the importance of going beyond the basics. 

Pointed out Ms Thompson: “A general certification is not always sufficient. Someone that has taken a nutrition course is essential.” 

Ms Smith said it was also important that trainers understand the client’s goals and be made aware of any injuries or health conditions so they are able to create a personalised fitness plan. 

Accessibility, affordability and motivation are crucial factors in sticking with a fitness programme, Mr Dickinson added. 

“Whether through group classes or individual sessions, finding someone who motivates you is key to consistency.” 

Ms Thompson encourages people to step out of their comfort zones and try different options, as finding the right fitness environment may take some exploration. 

Ms Smith said many people prefer Exhale because of its wide range of classes and well-lit environment. 

Mr Dickinson also emphasised the importance of a clean and welcoming environment in choosing the right fitness location. 

Meanwhile Ms Thompson was proud that NRG, the newest fitness location in Bermuda, offers bespoke programmes that focus on the unique needs of its customers. 

The quest for a fitness trainer or gym that aligns with individual goals and needs is a journey that can lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle. So, whether you’re new to fitness or looking to refresh your routine, take a cue from these experts and remember that finding the right fit is essential for achieving fitness and overall health. 

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