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Proton X50 is a family vehicle that drives like a limo
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Proton X50 | Class: H | $41,500 – $44,500 | Rayclan

“If you don’t like the Proton X50, there’s something wrong with you” – said by an anonymous source
when reflecting on the quality and features of the vehicle.
“Whoa! OK then!” – said by me as I felt the power of the X50 when out for a test drive and just touched
the gas pedal while it was in Sport Mode.

The tagline for Proton is “Inspiring Connections.” Indeed, this sexy, functional, feature-full vehicle is
ideal for almost every driver on Bermuda’s roads.
For its price point and features, if you need a family vehicle to keep up with everyone’s schedule and
activities, something to cart around your pets or business items, fit a couple of suitcases for the travel
jet, or enough swag to have the golf clubs in there on a regular basis using the 60/40 seats, you should
give the X50 your first consideration.

Rayclan offers two models of this vehicle, the Executive and the Premium. The Premium has all the bells
and whistles at $44,500, with the Executive lower at $41,500. The Premium has larger tyres, more
speakers, a better camera system and a few other differences, so consider your wants and needs
With thoughtful details like a D-wheel (so you know when your wheels are straight when reversing) and a trunk release tab from the inside of the vehicle, this road-loving automobile has features that would make any driver giddy.

“Hey, Proton! Roll up front right window. Hey, Proton! Turn on air conditioning.” That’s right, you can
speak to your very own Proton X50, and it does what you ask, Bermudian accent or not. What? A
powerful piece of tech that does what I tell it to? I’m in. I must control myself.

Honestly, this sweet ride is like driving in a limo, with practical and fun features. There’s nothing to
dislike here. The chairs hug you just as well as the vehicle hugs the road – it’s a smooth ride. And with
three driving modes to choose from (Regular, Eco, and Sport) there’s a mode for whatever hill or
driveway that Bermuda can throw at you.
One of the best features? The 360-degree camera on the Proton X50 Premium edition. Yes, you get a
complete aerial view of everything around you (children, flying trash that goes by in high winds,
chickens, etc) by utilising a combined image from the four cameras. You want to ensure safety first with
this engine! Do you need to see just one side of the car? Use the 10.5-inch display screen to select your camera and move accordingly.

As a Class H vehicle, the X50 has a generous turning radius and easy-to-use features such as an electric
parking brake (just push a button), an external remote to start the engine and roll down the windows,
and separate environmental controls for the driver and passenger. It’s quiet, too, considering its size.

If there’s anything I’d change about this vehicle, it’s that it can’t properly integrate otherwise pretty
standard apps. Rather, it forces you to use its own navigation and music system and other features.
Also, the cameras provide a sufficient, but somewhat blurry picture for its service. But that’s just me.

Other reviews have rated it well for its ride, handling, comfort, safety, space and value. It ticks a LOT of
boxes. Can someone purchase one for me?
In short, I found the Proton X50 had universal appeal as it’s inviting, fun, and safe. You get comfort,
space, your money’s worth and a whole lot of feature. Give Rayclan a call. It’s worth a drive!

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