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The Many Benefits of Cycling
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Cycling is an excellent way to get in shape, and maintain a great level of physical and emotional fitness. Riding a bike, whether electric or manual, provides plenty of fresh air, exercise, and ample cause for your brain to release those smile-inducing endorphins we all welcome during a workout.

Of course, cycling is an excellent workout for our muscles, and can help to fend off serious health threats like stroke, heart attack, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis. Considering that cycling is a low-impact, fun, and convenient way to get around, there’s really no reason why we all shouldn’t be cycling more.

May is National Bike Month. Promoted by the League of American Bicyclists since 1956, National Bike Month is designed to showcase the many benefits of riding a bicycle, and encourage as many folks as possible to give it a try.

Cycling enthusiast, and electric bike super-fan, Ms Robin Warren has cycled her way to health and happiness for the better part of two decades. Boasting that she was one of the first people to ride an electric bike in Bermuda (back in 2009!), Ms Warren lights up when talking about her preferred method of movement.

Electric bikes appeal to me because of the hills and terrain of Bermuda. I have more freedom and can go anywhere in Bermuda using my electric bike as transportation. I used to wait on the buses to take me to work, and now I can get to work in less than 20 minutes – no waiting! I waste less time riding my electric bike, and get some exercise on a daily basis.”

Ms Warren swears by her electric bike, having purchased three since she first fell for them, so her thoughts on National Bike Month are understandably glib:

“In 2009, I had my first electric bike shipped in and everyone called me ‘Mary Poppins,’ because of the cruiser style – I absolutely loved it! As far as National Bike Month – every month is bike month for me!”

Pondering on the physical benefits she’s noticed since immersing herself in the cycling lifestyle, Ms Warren proclaims: “I have noticed that my joints are more flexible, my breathing more focused, and an overall improvement in my health, as well as my nature.”

Not only has cycling improved her physical mood, energy, and vitality, it has also proven to be a perfectly economical mode of transport: “I service my bike on a regular basis, so it does have a cost; but there is no insurance, gas or down time – and my electric bike is as safe as any other mode of transportation on the island.”

Dennis Lister III

Safety on our roads is always important, and Mr Dennis Lister III, Chairman of the Bermuda Road Safety Council (BRSC), wants us to know that all road users must consider others as they move along the highways and byways of our small island nation.

“Important things to note while riding, are always ride single file, unless authorized to do otherwise. On pedal bikes specifically, always ride with the traffic and not facing the traffic. Always use safety gear when riding, a reflective vest for at dusk or dawn, and a helmet that fits and is secure. Also ensure that your bike is maintained and that your brakes, lights, and horn work.”

Emphasizing courtesy and inclusivity on our roads, Mr Lister highlights what National Bike Month means to Bermuda.

“The BRSC supports National Bike Month and the efforts to raise awareness of bikes and bike safety. The BRSC’s monthly topic for May is 4 Wheels, 2 Wheels, 1 Road for Everyone, and we chose this topic because we thought it was important to remind the public that everyone has a right to use the road for the purpose of passage.”

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