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Cleanliness is vital in this post-Covid world

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A short time ago, on a little island in the Atlantic, Covid-19 altered the way we lived, worked and played. It appears we are now seeing the tail end of the pandemic, and we have a return to normalcy to look forward to.

As individuals, we’ve all made our personal choices on how well to protect ourselves. From the perspective of a building or property manager, however, there must be a much wider perspective to ensure the safety of everyone.

We spoke with Ryan Faries, general manager at the BCL Group of Companies, on what things to consider when it comes to keeping your commercial property clean during this post-Covid world.

In what ways has building maintenance become more important since the pandemic?

The pandemic has placed unimaginable pressures on all aspects of business. Cleaning companies and building managers alike share the safety of staff and building occupants as a top priority. The enduring burdens of the pandemic therefore made the need for quality and consistent cleaning standards more imperative than ever.

While we are no longer in a state of crisis, cleaning and building maintenance island-wide remains under a magnifying glass more than ever. To adequately meet the necessary KPI’s of every building, we have initiated enhanced cleaning methodology and protocols to ensure all levels of cleaning and quality controls are being completed daily.

What are some of the best ways of keeping a commercial property clean?

Increasing the frequency of cleaning throughout all high touch surfaces is the most effective way to disinfect and maintain a commercial property. The use of CDC approved disinfectant cleaning products and consistent cleaning of high touch surfaces will assist with ensuring a safe working environment throughout your commercial property.

Our trained professional cleaning crews will perform their routine daily and nightly duties while also complying with all building and government guidelines to ensure all cleaning tasks are sufficiently completed.

What can you do as a property manager for a building, and when do you need to call in the experts?

Maintaining a close relationship with your cleaning contractor to ensure tasks align with necessary building requirements will inevitably ensure both parties’ common end goals are met.

As a leader in its industry, Bermuda Cleaning Limited is able to assist with all cleaning needs big and small. We work closely with property managers throughout our operation and are able to provide guidance on all cleaning initiatives to new clients as needed.

We pride ourselves with having the appropriate infrastructure, from our office and operations teams to our onsite crew, to handle any task.

Do you foresee any reversion to pre-pandemic practices on the horizon? Are there any protocols that have been put in place that you think we should keep?

We find ourselves transitioning to a “new normal” as we learn to navigate daily life once again. Building occupants are and should be confidently returning to work as normal.

The pandemic has highlighted that cleaning and sanitization are paramount to a happy and safe work environment. I am sure all industry members would agree that we have been at the forefront of this push for normalcy through our commitment to heightened cleaning standards. Enhanced cleaning protocols to ensure our community’s ongoing safety hopefully remains part of our new normal.

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