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You’re Never Past Your Prime

Don’t let age put you off. Financial help is available for more mature students.
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Are you no longer what is considered a ‘traditional student age’? Have you ever given any thought to becoming a more mature student? While the idea of entering university later in life may be daunting, there are a lot of advantages for you to consider.

Think about it. Hopefully, you have clearer career goals by this stage in your life. You are dedicated, and have both life and work experience under your belt. You have a support network and the ability to make connections. Your employer most likely approves of your self-improvement, especially since you’ll be studying something you are passionate about that benefits the organisation. It’s a great opportunity to get student discounts in stores again. Or, maybe you are getting them for the first time? To top it all off, you might get the chance to make new friends.

Now, don’t worry. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Don’t believe the financial aid myth that there are no scholarships for adult students – there are awards out there for everyone.

In many cases, more mature students might have more financial responsibilities such as bills and, or family to support, which adds to the burden while trying to pay for school. However, to obtain upward mobility in the workplace, or even change careers, extended education can only be an advantage.

Understanding how the workforce has changed in recent years, there are some employers who offer to pay part or even all of your tuition if your desired degree is related to the organisation’s line of business. For those of us who may be seeking a better career and work opportunities, if that isn’t an option however, an adult scholarship is the answer.

In Bermuda, the E. Laverne Furbert Adult Continuing Education Award was given by the Bermuda College to students between the ages of 30 and 65 who want to obtain a degree at our island’s only institution of higher learning:

“Bermuda College is uniquely invested in the success of Bermudian students and in ensuring they receive a world-class education without the world-class price tag,” the former Recruitment Officer, Thaao Dill, has been quoted as saying.

However, times have changed. While that award is still up for grabs, albeit for a short application window of time, you’ll have to dig a little deeper to earn those awards now, but it is still good news.

While most scholarships focus on students between the typical ages of 18-25, there are multiple awards to apply for that don’t have an age restriction. Rather instead, they focus on areas of interest or financial need. At the time of this article, there are over 100 awards available, many of which consider the needs of a non-traditional student.

If you go onto bermudascholarships.com, you will notice the huge variety of awards available for a very diverse range of students. Select your area(s) of interest and the level of education you’re going for, and ta-dah, you are on your way to your new life challenge and success will hopefully follow.

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