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Spring Fling

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Yes, it’s that time of year: when you decide what you want in your life. While it might be easy to consider, it’s harder to do, and thankfully, there are professionals to help get us organized!

We spoke with the multi-talented Jodi Virgil, B.A., M.A., Founder/Creative Director of Organized Solutions Bermuda. With their updated website, www.osb4me.com, who better to get us on track? Here’s what we learned about her and her business:

Give us an overview of the services that you offer?

At Organized Solutions Bermuda, we focus on three main areas within the de-cluttering and organising space: Residential – any space in the home, Residence Relocations – a local or international move, and Paper & Digital De-cluttering – downsizing physical paper and setting up digital filing systems.

How did you get into this business?

I’ve always said that my prior positions prepared me for my present day possibilities.

In 2005, moving back to Bermuda after about 15 years of living in the US was a huge transition, both personally and professionally. Not only was I ending a relationship and making a permanent move back home, I was downsizing from a three-bedroom condo to a studio apartment, and had decided to completely change my career.

With all these life adjustments, emotions, and transitions, I was pretty overwhelmed. I figured that I could not be the only one and sought information. A simple internet search led me to the National Association of Productivity and Organising Consultants (NAPO) and I was introduced to an entirely new industry – professional organising.

The industry felt familiar because I had spent so much of my life organizing and managing my time as an educator and HR professional. I knew that I had to share my learning with others!

Have you found there’s been an increase in the need for your services, since Covid-19 and why?

Yes, due to a number of factors. Work, life and family were completely thrown together. We were always at home, and couldn’t escape the clutter. Many families decided to renovate, as travel was non-existent – de-cluttering is a very important first step when renovating.

Covid-19 also provided time for reflection on what was important – “time” versus “things”. People are viewing de-cluttering and getting organised as a way to support mindfulness, supported by de-cluttering shows such as Marie Kondo and Home Edit.

Lastly, there’s been conversations around climate change, fast fashion, and challenges to consumerism and cheap materials.

What rooms of the house do people most often want to utilize your services for?

Without a doubt, closets, kitchens, and kids’ rooms!

Closets represent about 60% of our business niche. They’re accessed daily and people always tend to have an overflow of clothes and shoes, or it’s the spare room closet that quickly becomes junk closet!

Kitchens are in our face every day – we can’t close the door and not enter it. It’s vital to home life.

Kids’ zones tend to get out of control quickly, especially as children rapidly outgrow clothing and toys, or have hobbies and extra-curricular activities.

In addition, home moves are popular as folks want a total home downsize. They don’t want to carry items to a new home, or they want to start fresh.

General paper de-cluttering is also big, with the move to cloud-based storage becoming more popular.

Do Bermudians still “spring clean”?

Yes, that is definitely a tradition that has developed in many cultures that is also highlighted in Bermuda. Even though de-cluttering is not cleaning, per se, it is a connected activity. It is so much harder to keep our spaces clean when we have lots of stuff. I let clients know that de-cluttering can decrease housework time by 40%. – always a bonus!

We tend to want to “get the house sorted” at other times of year as well: Easter, Cup Match, Back to School, the changing of seasons, etc. New Year’s always brings an uptake in requests for services because people tend to refresh their goals and want to make a “fresh start”.

Lastly, when folks experience a transition (relationship, death, job, family expansion, etc.), we are often motivated to start fresh or reset to manage the new items we have on our plate.

What do you do with items that people no longer want?

One of the best parts of our business is that we connect those who have, with those who may need – people helping people.

The charity space is robust here on island. People love thrift stores and vintage items. We provide donation or disposal drop off services because we realise that we are able to help by removing a task off of someone’s plate – we make life easier for people.

We always start with the person’s favourite charity or cause. We also try and keep connected with those places that support overseas locations – general or with crisis responses.

For disposal, we will take items to Tyne’s Bay. Shredding is a big deal for those who are doing paper de-cluttering.

Do you work with any other service providers? If so, who and how?

We stay very connected to the individuals who work in various capacities in residential spaces.

While we do not work directly with service providers in all instances, we often share insight on the professional that can assist with the next step in the process and help our client along their organisation journey. Examples include, Interior Designers, Contractors, Carpenters, Professional Cleaners, Lawyers, and IT Professionals.

What’s a simple process for someone who would like to get themselves organized?


OBSERVE. Why has the clutter developed? What motivates me to change?

S STEP BACK. Create a plan on how to manage your possessions. Work in chunks of time that are manageable for you.

B BREAKTHROUGH. Remember that becoming and staying organized is a process. How are you going to keep it going? Choose best times even if it’s only 30 minutes. Keep it simple.

Lastly, remember that it’s doable! Take small steps. Value progress over perfection. We can help you get started with complimentary consultations, to help you organise, feel great about yourself and your space!

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